View Full Version : PvP Idea (not rant)

12-19-2007, 09:57 AM
<p>Ok, for awhile now iv'e been wanting stuff like this, playing on venekor means half the time i play there is no pvp, so these ideas would go down well i think.</p><p> A  new zone added, you can only group in solo 2 and 3, this area is a free for all area, meaning you can fight your own faction, you get rewarded for killing streaks every20 or so of unique kills, it's like a large arena with pvp rule set but with small skermish groups or solo players.</p><p>rewards would be AA or large amount of tokens at the end, or maybe some thing else.</p><p>a verry large area added, with areas that can be  taken over, once a point is taken over by a guild the guards become theirs and the keep flys their flag, a guild can only take one keep, but there would be 8 in this area, they can be fought over, even fought over from the same side, so if a guild wants your keep they can take it.  You can only have a keep taken within the time the guild sets, so they set like mon, tue and sat for keep taking at what ever time, but has to last 7 hours per day set, and atleast 3 days per week.</p><p> Owning a keep would give buff a type of buff to the people in this guild, be it more money per mob, aa or exp. or even stat buffs, keep npc would sell rare pvp items also.</p><p>the fight out side of keeps would be group base pvp, free for all like before but here it would be guild vs guild. you cant fight people of your own guild, everyone else is fair game.</p><p>what do ya think?</p>

12-19-2007, 10:37 AM
This isnt wow.  Leave the arena for the 21 other servers.  We dont need a battle grounds