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12-18-2007, 02:51 PM
So I've played a few toons into t2 and a brigand to t3.  The brigand is fun but I normally play tanks and I'm starting to think a scout is just not for me.  (Track is nice, sure, but 90% of Qs I meet see stealth anyway so takes some of the fun out of that).  And since the recent pvp exp thing I think I'm going to get more involved with pve than I had originally planned.  So I want to roll a plate class and I need a little advice.  I've spent a lot of time reading the forums and researching, but I'd like to ask a few questions too.First of all the class that appeals to me most is a Guardian.  Admittedly, this inclination comes from my time as a pve tank in other games, and I just don't think I can get it out of my system to want to be the best meat shield around.  That being said I do want to pvp frequently and enjoy doing it and the stuff I hear about Guardians in pvp is disheartening.  Do they perform okay in group pvp at least?  Any pvp guardians want to comment on their experience with the class?  Do you regret it?  Do you enjoy soloing and how do you do running into solo enemies?  What classes can you handle/not handle?  Did you roll a guard primarily for pve even though you are on a pvp server, or did you just roll a guard cause you love the class so much any pvp difficulty was unimportant?  In a group pvp situation does a guardian's myriad of def abilities come in useful?  Say, in a certain situation would there be a noticeable difference in playstyle/defensive result compared to a 'zerker? And yeah I suppose some people will instantly tell me to roll 'zerker instead.  But for some reason I have a hard time getting interested in the class.  I think it is the description that says it's an 'offensive tank'; to me that sounds like an oxymoron.  I kind of feel that if I'm gonna play a tank why take something with worse def/tanking abilities in exchange for a modicum of dps that shouldn't be my primary concern anyway.  I know this is pve thinking but I can't seem to get past it when I look at 'zerker on the char creation page.  But you that have played 'zerker and guard...how do you feel?  Is 'zerker really the way to go for pvp?  I'm sure it's better for solo pvp (maybe even group, I don't know about this) but is it a good pvp class in it's own right?  (And, if I roll 'zerk or guard, how hard is it to betray to the other class later if I change my mind?)I've also gotten an Inquisitor to lvl 13 and I enjoy him so far.  I also hear they are good at pvp, especially starting with t3-4 etc.  If I were to choose this as main and spec battle  cleric, would I still be a good main healer in groups?  Or would I off-heal and dps?  Also, as the toon progresses and gets more abilities, when soloing does it give the feel more of a fighter or a healer?  I do like the class and the concept of battle cleric, but it seems to me If I want to get in close wearing my plate armor and swing a big weapon toe-to-toe with the opponent, I might be better off just rolling a fighter.  Lastly, I am going to take a look at SK too.  It seems the least likely choice for me, but then again I've never played an SK or anything like it so I don't know.  They can hold their own (or better) in pvp I hear, plus they can tank?  Is everyone and their mother already an SK?  How fun is the class?  Any SKs here go to SK after playing some other fighters and have a comparison or advice?Anyway I've got all the plat/rares/tradeskills to deck my toon out all the way to t4 (Including a fancy horse!)so I'm anxious to make up my mind and get going, any advice would be welcome, thanks.

12-18-2007, 03:31 PM
<p>if you are intrested in PVP and pve  i would SAY SK or Zerker.</p><p>  A good SK can Hold his group againts 2 people fairly easy. not bad dmg and heals him self pretty good, even do i havent seen a  good SK since i was in venekor ( in nagafen now). but they are also   not bad tanks  for group as well plus death march  is AWESOME. dont know much about zerkers  exvept that  they can DPS almost as high as a swashy, and  not bad taunts.</p>