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12-15-2007, 03:56 PM
<p>Considering this change was implemented without actually testing it on the test server "as there is no pvp on test center" and was implemented on the basis of complaining as opposed to actual logical feedback and debate to try an appeas all sides on this issue.</p><p>SOE either needs to remove it and make changes and let us actually test it on a tets server, or work to quickly balanced out this before the pvp servers lose numerous current players that may never return.</p><p>Basicly there are three sides of this debate.</p><p>-Newer players from the PVE server who are encountering mass twinkage from low-level locked players and cannot compete and just get whallopped again... Though techincally if they locked from 10-20 and did the Kunark quests they would realize that was all that was required to compete against low tier twinks in pvp... But that's a seperate issue.</p><p>-Players who have combat xp disabled like myself who are casual pve/pvp and like to strike a balance of both,  to see all content, do as many quests as I can and keep my AA's near the range of my level... While equally engaging in pvp along the way, as of now this playstyle is no longer viable, as killing players yields an emmense ammount of XP that one who activly enages in pvp will be forced to remove more then half the quests from their journal that have become obsolete and miss out on a lot of rewards and aa.</p><p>-Hardcore pvper's who level locked for the purpose of pvp rewards and quite simply, heavy duty pvp.  No longer an option, their playstyle was instantly killed despite their time an effort they put into there character so they could rock at pvp.  This playstyle was nessecary to earn pvp rewards, if you did not do this you would never be able to use pvp rewards.  I mean come on, 600 kills just to use the level 20 pvp rewards?  And people were surprised by the fact that players were level locking and doing a mass-gank campaign?  That was the only way to get pvp rewards, it was a flawed system.</p><p>-No impact at all on players who play with combat experience enabled, they're opinion could go either way I suppose.</p><p>So essentially, 1 playstyle was favored over 2 popular playstyles, due to catering to newbie complaining as opposed to a logical debate and change to fix the problem in a way all sides could agree on, rather then further dividing the community, going through a back n forth flame war and many players quiting or on strike over it.  So what can we do?</p><p>-Make pvp rewards require less faction or make players start with 0 faction as opposed to the ridiculous -10000,  that would cut the ammount of kills needed for pvp rewards by more then half.  Maybe 200 kills would be needed for lvl 20 rewards. 400 for 40, 600 for 60... Numbers are currently double or triple that in some cases.</p><p>-Make it so combat experience from pvp yields a very small ammount 1%, maybe 2% at the absolute most.  And make tier, level and vitality completely irrelevant, it should be a static ammount so players interested in pvp rewards are not specificly targeting greens and blues.  This will make sure that low tier pvp isn't rushed through by high xp value, while slowing down more and more through each tier.  There is currently an experience giant rate of 10-15% xp per kill in tier 2 alone and that is completely unnacceptable.  Tier 2 pvp will be over in a heart beat.  This way if a player chooses a strict focus on pvp, the time taken through each tier will be relativly balanced and impacted more by pve.  </p><p>-Perhaps a gain the same ammount of earned experience in AA as well, so that players don't feel they HAVE to do pve in order to compete in pvp as is currently the case.  So say, 1% combat xp per pvp kill gives a 1% AA per kill.  An alternative to this acan be found below.</p><p>These numbers I am quoting above are subject to debate, but based on player feedback that seems to be the average recommended numbers a lot of people have been mentioning, and I agree with it that these are fair values.</p><p>-Finally, put a bit of effort in and actually develop the PVP system so there is more too it quite frankly, so it's not all just about running around ganking and killing.  Make pvp quests, events, missions, bounties, that players can aquire in their own cities with objectives scattered througout zones that are on par with the level of the objectives, as well as many that involve paying a visit inside of enemy cities... Have these types of things award faction, fame and AA "perhaps AA could be substitude here instead of in combat, where killing a player might give you 1% combat experience, completeting a pvp mission, quest, event, bounty or whatever could give you some AA, along with faction and fame, but no combat experience" This would actually give pvp'ers something more to do and provide a more actual "war" envrionment, rather then just players running around ganking each other with no other objectives.... But please NO battlegrounds, pvp and such missions should always be open world.</p><p>There, these are my recommendations and have been also made by many other players.  I wont be able to comment any further, my suscription is ending on the 15th so I wont be able to post anymore... if these concerns are addressed then I shall return to EQ2 along with a number of my friends... If not well then it looks like I'll be looking to the future for the next good MMORPG, where logic and everyones point of view and playstyle is taken into consideration when making drastic changes, the favoring of one paticular playstyle over another based on the fact of how many people can whine more has killed MMORPG's in the past in my eyes, specificly UO was one of them.</p><p>Perhaps these changes will make all sides happy and greatly improve the current pvp system, rather then thrusting a 2 second un-tested change on the server without addressing many concerns just to see what happens.   Creative and innovative solutions can fix the problem and make everyone happy, rather then making half the community happy while the other half is now flipping out, much like before this change except we were on opposite sides of the specturm.</p><p>  </p>

12-15-2007, 04:08 PM
<p>How about we try participating in one of the many threads on PvP XP that already exist instead of starting a new one every time someone wants to say something on the subject and filling the board with threads on the same subject.The best way to get your opinions heard is to participate in one of the other threads on the subject. Filling up the PvP Discussion board with another 20 or 30 threads on the subject is just going to get your feedback overlooked. In the last 3 days we have had to merge, lock or remove close to 20 or more threads on the subject. This is causing all the other threads on other subjects to get buried. This may be an important issue to people, but spamming this board and burying all the other threads is not the way to get your points across.</p><p>I understand you all want to have your say, but filling this board with the same subject over and over is not the way to do it. We have no interest in "silencing" anyone as some of you might think. We don't care if you want to discuss the topic, but please do so in one of the many already existing threads on the subject. Otherwise all the other topics and any further feedback on these changes are going to get lost in a sea of threads complaining about the exact same thing.</p>