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12-12-2007, 03:58 PM
since my 1st post was deleted in under 1 min., let's try again(Btw. - if you can't swallow users being [Removed for Content] at you after the 1k screw up you do, maybe try a different business field):random pvp rewardtorpid leggings(legendary chain - lvl 33):10 str, 5 agi, 5 int40hp/45power108 magic, 108 mental, 108 diseasemitigation 171feysteel melodic legs(mc - lvl 32):12 str, 12 agi, 12 int,20/20 hp/power55 resists in all 7, so over 350 resist overallmitigation 156blood iron(supposedly the armor upgrade at 37):harmoniously blood mail leggings(chain - lvl 37):12 sta/12 int45/45 hp/power260 cold180 mitigationand I still have 1 month of subscription, how stupid...