View Full Version : could we not just raise the lvl you can PVP at?

12-07-2007, 07:53 PM
<p>it would make alot of since to jsut raise the lvl you can be attacked to lvl 14. that gives you 14 lvls to lvl up.. you will have your M2 you ahve pleanty of time to geat your TS up and make your own gear... by 14 lvls if you still have not found out what to do you are a lost cause.. most guilds right now will take players starting at lvl 1 and most guilds help out new players... by lvl 14 you are also not 1shot bait like you where at lvl 10... you will no longer have the lvl 14 gankers (wich even i dont do) ganking lvl 10's. </p><p>jsut a thought i think this would work out much better then forcing peopel to grind 80 lvls to do the thing they joined the server for</p>

12-07-2007, 08:56 PM
Raising bar to 14 will not address real issue: locked griefers with uber gear driving noobs away from the game, now starting to do this 4 levels higher than before.

12-07-2007, 08:58 PM
Won't the slow pvp leveling in T3-T5 essentially make those tiers the new place where noobies cry?

12-08-2007, 03:26 AM
<cite>HerbertWalker wrote:</cite><blockquote>Won't the slow pvp leveling in T3-T5 essentially make those tiers the new place where noobies cry?</blockquote>Untrue, and very tunnel visioned.T3 is about the time that people start to understand how their character's classes and abilities work. They have a good grasp of the UI as well by then. T1-2 is done in a week by the casual gamer unless they take their time to explore and learn the game. In a weekend if they keep at it all day long. All we're able to suggest to this point is "skip the content on those tiers and level past the twinks as quickly as possible". That's not a suggestion that's easily conveyed by people like myself who invite people to EQ2 or the PvP servers. Basically at this point, I have to keep a straight face and say "Keep in mind you're going to die a dozen times today to people you won't even see coming. They're likely to ridicule you after killing you.. so just hit your revive option as far away from that spot available. Especially if there are children in the room who may ask questions about what they're doing to your corpse. Then just trudge back across the continent and hope that they have moved on so you can pick up where you left off. If not.. log out and set your alarm for 3am CST and finish that quest."T3-5 is fun PvP right now.. and I don't see that changing. I'm terrible at PvP. But, I have a blast at it and some of the battles in those zones has lasted hours with 20-40 people involved on a good night. And, this is on the least populated PvP server.My suggestion to those that are upset.. pull up your diapers.. accept that you lost a bunch of plat paying for an advantage in the game and come play with us in the "real world".I still like the idea that is currently on the PvP server.. but, I'll go with upping the PvP level as well. Whatever drives the twink griefers out of the game is good by me.

12-08-2007, 04:08 AM
  Im fairly new to this game, I honestly dont see what the difference is  getting owned by a twinked out soloer or getting owned by a grp while im solo,  perhaps we should do away with grp vs one situations also.   This solution just seems like a joke IMO  this games all about lvl, aa, gear, and numbers, with skill coming in to a small degree, hell with numbers skill isnt even a factor.  So future of pvp is if you dont have the numbers youll be S.O.L if you want to solo, as all the hardcore pvpers are out in force with thier grps and dont go out alone.  Looking forward to being the new target for token farmers.

12-08-2007, 04:32 AM
<p>My experience with the PvP implemented in EQ2 was not so much level locking, or at what level PvP starts at, as getting ganked by a group who were always a level out of my range. Only to revive and get chased down and ganked again by another group that was out of my range.</p><p>They would just run me down position up and take me down without me being able to even get a first shot in.</p><p>I believe it is the the whole level differential thing that caused me the most problems. Happened so repetitavly that I simply deleted my PvP characters and walked away from it all.</p><p>Get rid of the silly 4 level zones requirement and make the twinks work a little harder.</p><p>Yes I am totally noob at the PvP templating scene, and you might say 'learn to play' then, but then I can, and did just delete and leave, leaving the twinkalot crowd complaining not enough people playing lol.</p>

12-08-2007, 04:39 AM
<p>i ahve NP with making zones 8 lvl zones but the only thing would be then it woould be lvl 18's camping lvl 10's</p><p>what i was thinking was that if you walked into the other sides land then it would go up to 8 lvls.. that way say a Q came to sunken city or even CL if he attacked another player then he is open to be attacked by 8 lvls higher..</p><p>im also open for FFA  that would let peopel stay where they are but also make most peopel want to lvl up,, again the only thing would be griefers from lvl 80 with nothing to do just killing low lvs jsut for the fun </p>

12-08-2007, 04:42 AM
<p>hmm...</p><p>Homeground advantage would be nice.</p><p>Would make the other side work harder at running into the 4 level zones to go player farming.</p><p>Something like F goes to Q land 4 level area and can take on any 4 levels below, but the Qs in that zone get a 6 level advantage, thus thos 2 levels extra can overcome a lot of the twink effect, but not necessarily all. </p><p>*oh, just picked up on that in another post as well. </p><p>If there was a 'Home Turf' situation then there might be a greater sence of actually doing battle with invaders. Walking up to an enemies city should be filled with trepidation, not the case as it is now of mooning your oponents coz you simply have the plat to spend on an alt.</p>