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12-05-2007, 10:11 PM
<p>I know there is a "top 5" and "bottom 5" pvp class thread all ready, but I need some help chosing between some specific classes.  Ok, I'm going about grinding to 80 all wrong.  I have several different toons that I play depending on what the group I've started tends to need at the moment.  This "selfless" ability to play a 70+ healer, tank or dps class has put me in the position where I'm constantly getting rolled by 80's no matter which way I go.  The madness stops now, and I've decided to pick one toon as my main and play that one until it hits 80.  Here are my options, and the pro's and con's as I see them.  I'm looking for feedback and input that would help someone decide what to do, and have some comments on the state of ROK zones that impact this decision.</p><p>1) 73 Defiler.  Well, he's very useful in PVE content, raids, instances, etc., and is the best of my healers as far as keeping the group alive most efficiently.  However, he just takes too darn long to kill anyone in a pvp scenario, cast times of wards are too slow and size too small to be viable in T8 pvp (esp. since any 1v1 I'm in turns into a 3+ on 1 within a few minutes).  Also, if the people in your guild aren't doing something that requires your abilities (aka raiding), I feel like he is swept into a corner by the myriad of druids that offer far more utility and combat effectiveness for instances, questing and pvp groups.   Its like I have to beg for help to do anything with this toon, I've just about given up on him.</p><p>2) 73 Bruiser.  No track, no evac, no utility, not really dps, not really a tank... But, he can solo just about anything.  And, if one of the 3 billion Q/Exile scouts tries to gank me in the middle of a field of ROK mobs, well, lets just say it's a quick fight - thanks for the token.  My only concern with this toon is gearing him up for PVP; no one seems to want him on a raid - and I kind of see their point.  I can't tank an ROK epic afaik, and my dps is far surpassed by a utility rogue, let alone another T1 dps class.  But, since I seem to have to solo everything anyway, this is looking like the leading contender.  Plus, sometimes I just like to beat the [Removed for Content] out of stuff.  Bonus points.</p><p>3) 72 Assasin.  God of DPS, and I can parse this toon like mad despite being in T7 legendary.  I guess it helps that I played an Assassin in a raid guild pre-Nagafen.  The positioning and stealthing gets tiring after a while, (aka my hands sometimes get numb after a 3+ hour raid - but not in a long time, I'll get to that in a minute), but you never seem to get bored or run out of power.  The other plus is that it's an offensive PVP toon, and I really enjoy being out in the wild, on the hunt so to speak; and the overland ROK zones are freaking awesome for this!!!  The downside?  Well, there are a [Removed for Content] load of Assassin's on my server because they are percieved to be a strong solo pvp class (imho they are best in groups, but can do OK solo if you pick your targets wisely).  All the guilds I talk to have closed recruiting for a raiding assassin, even the one I'm in will only let me be there for my defiler.  No raiding or instance farming or regular "mains" pvp group = fairly [Removed for Content] for pvp.  Catch 22 IMHO.</p><p>4)  69 Fury.  Most fun healer I've played so far.  There is always something to do on this toon, and your decisions and timing can make or break a tough situation.  Strategy matters, fully capable healer, fast cast times, nearly uninterruptable casting, considerable damage, and solid utility with ports, etc., make this one of my top choices.  You have to be a little more on the ball to do the harder stuff on this toon, and to be fully optimal (I tend to top the heal parse and be 1-2 on the dps parse as well) takes skill.  Plus, most of the ROK gear I've seen so far is leather with wis and str or int on it, plus overloaded heals or +spell damage on them.  Seems the gear table here is really encouraging the Fury decision.  Again, the down side is that there are so many of them, no guilds seem to need me.  Plus, there is a huge misconception that wardens are flat out better than fury's, so I see wardens several levels lower going first for PUGs and slots on raids. </p><p>5) Wizard/warlock.  Ward 10x better than a defiler, no cast time, no interrupts.  Same or > dps than assasin.  Some of the best cc in game, snares, roots, roots that proc snares, stuns, stifles, and... evac.  Ports.  Solo-ability, good group/raid utility... Whats not to love about this class?  Simple totems and situational awareness make them pretty viable PVP toons (haven't gotten one to T8 yet though, but mine owns T5 right now).  I'm guessing the down side is going to be the impending nerf to manashield or our nuke resistability in some upcoming patch, totally making mage's [Removed for Content] again (but right now, they are the definition of overpowered, and to be completely honest, it's [Removed for Content] fun as hell). 2nd is that it has the longest way to go to 80, by the time I get to 60, I'm sure I'll be 80 fodder for so long that I'll just /delete /quit go play halo or something.</p><p>So, if I wanted to pick one toon and one toon only to play to 80 as my main, what should I do?  They are all fun in different ways.  Any advice on which way to go?  I'm open to suggestions, but please keep flames/etc. on topic.</p>

12-05-2007, 10:59 PM
Do you want to raid and get group/guild invites? Defiler. Do you want to get group invites, though your chance of getting in a raid guild is low? Bruiser or Wizard/Warlock. Do you want to be able to solo PvP and would give up any rational chance of getting into a raid guild, possibly even just a PvP group, to do it? Assassin or Fury.

12-05-2007, 11:16 PM
<cite>deepruntramp wrote:</cite><blockquote>Do you want to raid and get group/guild invites <b><span style="color: #990000;">{and then, despite having access to great gear, still suck in pvp}</span></b>? Defiler.Do you want to get group invites, though your chance of getting in a raid guild is low <b><span style="color: #990000;">{and consequently have subpar gear and repeatedly get rolled in pvp}</span></b>? Bruiser or Wizard/Warlock.Do you want to be able to solo PvP and would give up any rational chance of getting into a raid guild, possibly even just a PvP group, to do it? <b><span style="color: #990000;">{and consequently have subpar gear and repeatedly get rolled in pvp}</span> </b>Assassin or Fury.</blockquote>Yeah, kind of the problem...