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12-04-2007, 01:38 PM
<p>first off I would like to thank Lazzar the rat assasin who got the best of me in qeynos bog pits.  Lazzar got me while swimming around looking for a machine bit.  But the real joy was returning for the next hour or two to continue looking over my shoulder, trying to use stealth and track ... it was the most fun I have had playing a MMORPG in a good long while.  Lazzar that was 37 silver well spent on my behalf!  Hopefully I'll catch you in the sewers some day!</p><p>ok, with that said, I did a search for<b>  AA + PvP + troubador</b></p><p> and got a lot of posts not related to what I am obviously about to ask:</p><p> can someone help me with some advice about how to take my AA choices?   enjoy grouping and playing mobs, but I also found the realm point choices in DAoC to be crucial wise descisions for both pvp and getting some neat advantages against the non-AA having NPCs.</p><p>Intrinsic to this question is the fact that I don't really know what other classes will be doing with their AAs either so if you come at it from that perspective please be kind to point me in a direction of more answers or explain (ie acronyms make it really difficult to research to understand a response).</p><p>Thanks again to the community of Venekor for keeping PvP alive until I decided to try out EQ2 again.</p><p>Bummed that HOs don't work in pvp (so I heard in the ooc channel yesterday), but still loving the quests which are much better written so far and the more challenging game.</p><p> Mirthfully,</p><p>Wylliem the full bellied crooner</p><p>p.s. So far I am leaning towards scholar, and at 19 plan to decide between alchemy for potions and jewelry for skills.  Are there other potions out there beside the simple cure poison, replenish health and mana types?</p>

12-04-2007, 04:35 PM
Welcome (back?) to eq2.  Troubadour is an awesome class.  Very capable of solo'ing and highly sought after in groups.  So, good choice.I recommend visiting the Troubadour forum, as you may get more responses there regarding AA choices.  My $.02 would be the Wis line in the Bard class tree and the Demoralization line in the Troubadour sub-class tree.As for tradeskill, jeweler is a no-brainer for bards.  On Nagafen, the prices for adept 3 bard spells is all over the map.  Sometimes you will get a bargain, other times you will be ripped off, and sometimes you will be out of luck altogether.  That's why I'd go with jeweler, you control your own destiny to a point.  However, an alchy will probably make more coin, so it depends on your objective.Good luck!

12-04-2007, 06:09 PM
<p>Troub's get some great AA lines.</p><p>In EoF, I'd recommend putting 5 points in both your single target 'shrill' and your group AoE spell. The inspiration line is a must for a good troub, but this might not help too much until T3-T4. The stiffle and stun duration are also nice, along with the demoralizer line.</p><p>In KoS, Wis is always great to have for groups. On my lower troub who didn't have very many AA, I went for the shield bash in the STA line, as a knockback always comes in handy in PvP, and its damage is fairly decent. Str line is also pretty cool.</p><p>Enjoy the class, and always remember, Troub > Dirge.</p>

12-04-2007, 06:22 PM
<p>I suppose I'll throw in my 2 cents.</p><p> For the kos line I would really recommend going all the way down sta and wis lines, which you do first depends on your playstyle.  If you tend to solo I'd do sta first, if you are going to group often I'd go with wis first.  When you get up to the level cap and if you decide to raid you'll probably be asked to spec into str line for aoe avoidance, when I would drop the sta to do this.  I did the full wis line starting at lvl 10 before going to the troub tree.</p><p>With eof the shrill upgrades are nice, the cast time reduction on the aoe nuke especially so.  Inspirations is a good line for the grouping troub and the wards do come in handy in pvp.  The end ability resonance is very nice as sometimes that extra 5m will put you just in range to get a snare off on a runner, and will help your kiting in pvp.  The calming line is also excellent, I would put points into charm, mez, stifle, and knockback and then get the end ability.  Charm is a very powerful tool in pvp, especially with 5 AA into it and @ master 1 as it will usually last the full duration and seldom get resisted.  I can take duos of people near my level using it.  With the possibility of 70 AAs now you can do all three of these lines.</p><p> As far as crafting, jewelery is nice but you will find that troubador masters tend to be the cheapest around if you think you'll ever have a decent bit of coin.  If you plan on going to 80 those potions are consumables and will continue to be helpful to you, but your skills being crafted will not be needed anymore.  Thats just my opinion, but I tend to go with crafter classes who create consumables that are still useful at max level.  There are also lots of potions besides cures (including health and power heals), you get more available as you level.</p>