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11-17-2007, 01:59 AM
<a href="http://kithicor.org/media/songs/smedly.mp3" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><b>The Night Smedly Went Uber (Click for the MP3)</b></a>- Parody of "The Night Santa went Crazy" by Weird AlDown in SanDiego, EverQuest Team working NightsDevelopement,and Lore Teams for clean balanced fightsWhen bursting through the door, a surrealistic sceneThe Big guy armoured up, his shiney helmet gleemedHe looked like he been through hell, or at least the Plane of FearHadn't seen him like this, since after fanfaire last year.From down under this coat, a sword came into viewThen swung and killed Brenlo and shouted DING LEVEL 2!The Night Smedly went uberWho needs buffs, with gear like this?Now he's, going out lookin for phat lewtThink is job, gave his brain alittle twistGrimwell made a shield, from a box from their pizzaand brandished a replica Short Sword of YakehaSmedly's eyes were wild and sunken in his headhe swung again, alas the copy machine is deadNow if you could just see, one moment from his eyesYou'd been like a Halfling lookin at a Jumjum pieGrimwell held his ground, steadfast on his turfThen Smedly Patched him up, with a fatal NERFThe Night Smedly went UberLeft and Right, they fall to his bladeWhoaoa.. Stock options went through the roofWith only Smedly left to get paidOn the horizon The Players were gathering why..Whoaoa.. What could have happened to ShmedDid he have too many redbull's, why did they have to dieThe swords were a-slashin and Hammers a-bashinWhere did his sanity go? why Smedly Why?My my my my my my... Used to be a "Welcome to the Jungle" karaoke guy..From out of the crowd, a team ventured forthTo put an end to his murderous courseThe Readied their weapons as they crept into the roomSwords and Wands.. a Rolling Pin of DOOM!Now Smedly's bound up, in a little white coatHe thinks he's in Dungeon, with gators in the moatThe Art team's wounded and the Dev Team's deceasedGotta start all over releasing EverQuest 3!The Night Smedly went UberThe Night boss came un-gluedWell the, Lawyer's left, stratching their headsQuite a tizzy, no one left to get suedThe Night Smedly went uberThe Night is mind came un-firledNow he's Scouting Orcs and Planning Raidsin his own little fantasy world

11-17-2007, 04:04 AM
Can't you just visualize the LoN card?

11-18-2007, 06:11 PM
As always you make the Punt smile.