View Full Version : Other than a Fury, who has the best buffs for a Warlock & Wizard?

10-22-2007, 09:57 AM
Topic states it all.   Looking to add a 4th to a group and want someone who can maximize the damage coming from the two casters.  Specifically looking for at this time a buff bot to dual box. 

10-22-2007, 10:08 AM
Troubadour, it's a class that can be botted easily and has a wide range of caster-friendly group buffs.

10-22-2007, 10:24 AM
<p>If your looking at healers, I would suggest one of two.</p><p>Inquisitor: A great choice for grouping, they have fast heals/reactives and have a temp spell that boosts INT and I beleive reduces casting timers (Would have to check on that one)</p><p>Defiler: Nice if you plan on duoing the Wiz/Warlock with a healer.  The wards will keep your health bar at near max, and they have a nice health buff.</p><p>Other classes?</p><p>Paladin - Heal, Rez, and of course Amends.  Amends is your Wiz or Warlocks best friend.</p><p>Assassin/Swash - Hate transfer for the tank</p><p>Dirge - Group power regen, Hate boost for the tank, A heal, single target and group rez</p><p>Guardian - Moderate (Not enough hate reduction on it's own to keep a wiz/warlock safe, but it helps, Pin (Roots the mob occasionally)</p><p>Troubador - 30something percent groupwide hate reduction, buffs Disruption (Helps wiz/warlock spells land vs higher con mobs)</p><p>Edit: Illusionist (I always forget these guys, because they're never around)  - Spell damage proc, Time compression, Group power regen, and I think an INT buff</p><p>Necromancer - Int buff</p>