View Full Version : Deity Pets and Collection Pets

10-18-2007, 02:53 PM
<cite>Grimwell wrote:</cite> <blockquote><span class="postbody"><h3>PETS</h3><ul><li>Deity pets can now be used along with collection pets. </li><li>Pets with random names will now persist that name through zoning. </li></ul></span></blockquote> Um...yeah. It's not working. I just tried it today with my Deity Pet (Servant of Thule) and a Collection Pet (KoS Collection "Gazer Pet")...and clicking on the spell to cast the Gazer Pet dismisses the Servant of Thule. And on a completely unrelated note...clicking on my Summon Orc Priest Pet (from a Guide Event in CL, assuming the Summon Orc Warrior Pet does also) does the same - it dismisses the Deity Pet AND it shares the slot with the Gazer Pet (and thus dismisses the Gazer Pet also if it's cast).

10-18-2007, 11:00 PM
I've noticed pet names are now more messed up as well.  My main is a conjuror and I name my conjuror pet and my deity pet differently.  Now, every time I zone they both end up with the same name (apparently the last one I cast).  This wasn't happening until this update that "fixed" random names so they would persist.  So it appears that pets in general got more bugged by this fix.