View Full Version : Useless factions

10-07-2007, 01:29 PM
Why is it that there are so many factions in EoF that just have no purpose whatsoever? The Myntyr and Fugutr tribes come to mind. I have almost 20k with both of them now because I tend to kill the mobs around the Obelisk of Blight for gold.  But since they're none hostile anyway this faction doesn't really benefit me in any way. I guess yes I could now kill enough Satyr to get the Hunter title and maybe they wouldn't become hostile but that's not much of a bonus. The same goes for other even stranger factions, like the New Tunaria two. Why do they exist when the mobs start off hostile and you cannot raise the factions in any way? At least with the desert of flames factions, such as the Ashen Order or even the Lizardmen at Twin Tears, there's some sort of bonus for getting a good high score. Why aren't the EoF ones this way?