View Full Version : re-subscribed...now characters are missing and it's trying to put me on EU servers?

10-03-2007, 09:24 PM
I quit eqII a while back because my system couldn't run it smoothly and players were too dependent upon other players to advance (this was waaay back when it first came out).  I've since upgraded my system and have re-subscribed after hearing about all of the changes and trying out the trial promo.  Here's where I'm getting screwed: I finished patching and started up the game, but my old characters are missing and it only gives me the option of EU servers to play on.  I know that my old characters were there (and originally on the Najena server) because I was able to play them when using the trial.  Bear in mind that these were characters that existed before any expansions came out and were tied to my original account, which I've renewed.  Since renewing my subscription and purchasing the expansion pack bundle, now my old characters have vanished and I can't even re-create them on the original server where people I know play.Is there some special setting I need to change in the launcher to put me where I belong, or have I now lost access to my old characters and the progress they've made for good?  Further, am I doomed to play on EU servers?I'm incredibly frustrated and I hate to think that I not only have to start all over again but will be blocked from playing on my old, familiar server.  If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.

10-03-2007, 09:28 PM
The EU server batch will have a different character listing to the US server batch and that is why you aren't seeing your characters. If you live in a European country or in Australia (might be other countries too but I'm not sure, can only confirm those two) then you are defaulted to the EU server batch. You can change which server batch you log into (as long as you're not on any of the trials) by selecting the server batch you wish to play on from the drop down menu on the launchpad at the top right hand corner above the EULA page.HTHPS As a personal note, it's sad you feel you are "doomed" for having to play on the EU servers. We're quite nice over here. :/

10-03-2007, 09:44 PM
Oh, thank you so much for replying and clearing that up for me!  I'm so relieved to hear that I can return to my old server and characters.  I figured it was trying to toss me into the EU servers because I was in Australia but I didn't understand why it would do that unless I was starting from scratch.  This explains a lot.  Again, thank you!*worships*edit:  I'm sorry if it came off that I have something against EU server users, I just meant "doomed" in the sense of being unable to play on the server where all of my friends are (and a few of those hail from parts of Europe, in fact).  My friends from the original EQ had heads together when the sequel came out and picked a server to play on, so that we could keep in touch.  I can't remember what other servers were available at the time but we agreed to start on Najena.