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06-20-2007, 04:29 AM
<p>Hi there,</p><p>please fix this annoying in-combat bug. I'm sure that I don't only speak for myself if I say that this is the thing with the most priority to fix at the moment. Here are some cases where this happens:</p><p>  You kill someone, he revives and you're still in combat.</p><p>  You attack someone with a debuff, he zones away, the debuff is still up on him and if you zone you get stuck into combat again. Last time I attacked a yellow con, he fled to Fallen Gate, one of my debuffs was still up so I was stuck in combat. And then all of a sudden he could invite another guy and right in front of my eyes a red con joins his group, and guess what both could attack me.</p><p>  Someone attacks you, you flee and zone away without engaging. You heal yourself at the other zone and if the other guy zones in the person  healing will be stuck in combat too, even tough if you have immunity and he didn't attack you in the other zone. (How could he, you have 30 seconds immunity after zoning)</p><p>  You attack a grey con because he is grouped with a higher level, he immediately leaves group (Why is that even possible? You can't invite people while they are being attack, why would you be able to leave group while being attacked?) and then you are still in combat even tough you can't attack the grey con anymore.</p><p>I could go on with like 10 more cases where this dumb bug happens but nobody would read this thread then. Those [Removed for Content] freeps do stuff like that all the time to me. I don't know how this is called, maybe exploiting a bug, or simply lame. Call it as you want to, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Let the nerfing of people alone for a moment and take a look into this.</p>

06-20-2007, 04:39 AM
<p>Its my understanding that you can simply cancel the debuff from your maintained spells window when the opponent is in another zone and then leave the area safely. I could be wrong as I have never personally tried this out myself so if someone with more experience with this could reply if this isn't the case that'd be great, but for now I would personally go on that assumption. Hope it helps with that at least.</p><p>As for the rest of the trapped in combat bugs, I agree, sucks, but thems the breaks unfortunately.</p>