View Full Version : Devs: Suggestion to fix farmers... 5 minute re-entry lockout timer on ALL instances.

06-19-2007, 11:12 AM
<p>Certain zones (Forbidden Sepulcre for example) are renound for being farmed to death by botgroups.  Others are used as hit and run locations (Nest of the Great Egg, Firemyst Gulley) where people will kill an opponent, run inside, run out, kill another in the same group - and rinse and repeat.</p><p>If a 5 minute entry timer was placed on ALL instances and worked such that AT THE TIME OF ZONING OUT, the timer counts from 5 minutes before re-entry is possible (regardless of other failure/entry timers) - a lot of this would stop.</p><p>In addition, bots farming instances without killing the names would be handled by the PVP population - and they would pretty soon stop farming!  Plat sales would drop, plat prices would rise, and the bot economy would take a huge hit.</p><p>I can't actually see any negatives from this...</p>