View Full Version : New pvp changes and survival

06-16-2007, 11:58 PM
<p>Well this is a big concern for me, because pvp isn't just kill, kill, kill, kill.  pvp and battles in general are combination of stand offs, retreats, escapes, brute force, rushes, planning, strategy, tactics. EQ2 DEVs have taken a lot of elements of pvp away, there is no possible way to survive an encounter now. </p><p>What is the point of pvping in OPEN enviorment when there is no chance of survival or escape ? the word "open" has no longer a meaning. They might just as well make arenas and put us in them. </p><p>I just think DEVs are being too extreme with their additions/changes once again ...remember giving ranger 90% sprint speed ? then they come and want to totally disable it. If rangers were given a extra 20-30% capped in combat sprint ..woudl that be overpowered ? no ...if DEVs think about balance ...and be gentle with their changes we wont have todeal with these things. </p><p>Also its absolutely crazy that pvp has no method of escape anymore. This really needs to be rethink and redesigned. Name one pvp combat game where escape is not possible. </p>

06-17-2007, 12:26 AM
<p>I disagree completely.  I think these longer fights are more fun ... though in a group dynamic I must admit, "longer" hasn't really been all that much longer, but I have noticed a difference.  While these changes are painful for me personally (my preferred playstle is disappearing), I am all for any changes that make PvP less of a 5-second PvP and more of a 30-second PvP.  I think 30 seconds to 3 minutes should be what we'd want in fights ... with 30 seconds being where one is well above the other, and 3 minutes being where they're evenly matched.  </p><p>I've tested on the PvP Test Server, and I've definitely noticed the changes ... but all in all, it's more fun.  </p>

06-17-2007, 12:43 AM
I'm not talking about length of fights .....im talking about ability to survive, aka escape. Our pvp system will have 0 escape chance once these changes go live.