View Full Version : My letter to sony's Pvp department!!!

06-11-2007, 12:02 PM
<p>Hey its Neverl Nagefen(evil),</p><p>So I honestly don't know when the player versus player servers have been around but, i do know that as soon as they came out the game changed for me.I played on Vox From start till about 6 months ago When i came to Nagefen to be a Brigand. I've played as many different toons, of names i care not to mention anymore as they are old and outdated <img src="/smilies/47941865eb7bbc2a777305b46cc059a2.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />.</p><p>Point i'm making is this, many of us have been loyal players of all sides Qeynosians, Freeports and Exiles. My Question is then this.</p><p><u>Sony, may we have the chance to have our status we work for back</u>?</p><p>At maxed Faction for a side, which ever it is. Our tokens ranging from Level 50-20 mean nothing  to us anymore. So will you maybe bargain with us and do this.</p><p>Allow for our Level 50-20 Tokens to give Half the Faction in Status to us when we have acheived Maxed Faction with our cities Player Versus Player Factions.</p><p>Our gear. </p><p>Why is it that we can buy status items from anywhere else in the game and resell them for some of that status back and we cannot with our City Faction Gear? </p><p>It may not take much just between 1700-1900 Total kills (city w/Wild) to achieve maxed faction, but for some that time takes a long time. So please reward us back with at least half the status and money we pay for our City Faction Pvp gear please.</p><p>__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________</p><p>If you agree with these ideas please either make a comment or repost this with any title you choose and add what you will but do something with it. we do deserve to have our items be a little more rewarding. Our items we earn like being a toon with a ton of level 40 and 50 tokens in your bags that aint worth a penny/status/nothing when we max our faction. Let get that back. </p><p>Or try to Argue it.</p>

06-11-2007, 12:11 PM
<p>i think it is fine as it is now. if you are level locked - of course you have max faction in lower tiers ( than t7 that is ) and therefore you don´t need that tokens. but you have chosen to lvl lock. you have enough advantages while doing so - i think another added rewared for lvl locking would make anti lvl lock people really getting mad. </p>