View Full Version : Closest Class to EQ1 Shaman?

05-30-2007, 04:19 AM
Pretty much the title says it all... I remember playing EQ Live shaman and loving it...Jack of all trades, master of none (well maybe disease dots). Buffs, Debuffs, DD, Heals, HoT, DoT, Pets! Chainmail Armor....is there anything like that in EQ2...or does anyone know if it's changed in EQL? I know that game has changed WAAAAY too much since I played like 6 years ago.

05-30-2007, 08:08 AM
<p>There isn't a single class that gets all of those abilities.. biggest one being the HoT's as they're restricted to druid healers.</p><p>The closest one would probably be a defiler from the shaman subclass, the other shaman-type being mystic - but never played that one so can't comment on what they get.</p><p>Defilers wear chain armour, specialise in debuffs, can do direct heals and wards, a little bit of dd and a few self/group buffs. With the shaman AA line they also get a pet, which while isn't up to tanking in the same was as a necro pet would be, with certain other AA choices the can make a decent addition.</p>

05-30-2007, 11:09 AM
There is no real equivalent to the EQ1 shaman: HoTs -> the 2 druid classes have them. The two shaman classes (mystic / defiler) get wards and wards are good too. Debuffs -> every class can debuff. Some more, other less. The two shaman classes can debuff the offensive part of an mob (attack speed / dps) but not with a single debuff. You have to stack a few of them.  A brigant (scout class) can debuff the defensive part of a mob (melee skills / melee mitigation / all magic mitigation) Buffs -> every class has buffs. The two shaman classes buff SvPoison and SvDisease. The defiler buffs more raw HP, the mystic buffs more stats. Other class buff other resists / power regen / melee skills / caster skills... Pets -> Both shaman classes get a dogdog via the 1st AA-skill. But this doggy is a real paper pet and you have to dump  the next 24 AA-points into the str-line to give the doggy some survivability. Mage / necro are the true pet classes. Other classes get swarm pets (similar to the 5 ghost wolfs the shaman hand in EQ1) DD -> I think both shaman classes have a single (weak) DD nuke (at least for the defiler this is true). From the healer classes the furies have the biggest DDs. DoT -> The defilers have 2 single target DoT, one closed AE DoT, one open AE DoT (longer recast timer) and one more closed AE DoT that stuns the caster, heals the group as well gives some power back to the group. Chain armor -> Checked for both shaman classes as well as for all 6 scout classes. PS: You forgot the most important thing: pokers. And yes, in EQ2 both shaman classes can use pokers. Sadly there are only so few good ones.