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05-29-2007, 05:46 PM
<p>Guild Towers</p><p>hi guys I'm at work and I had in idea that I though id post to see what u though. the idea is guild towers and the basic idea is that there would be player capture able towers the outdoor zones. guilds would need to wait for a tower to be attackable, gather a raid force and attack. while the defending guild would need to keep track of when there towers are attackable and make sure they have a group ready to defend.</p><p> tower displays name emblem and colors when captured.</p><p>the guild on guild battle happens in an arena like instance.</p><p>the tower is only susceptible to being attacked for a short period of time every few days. IE a window of 1 hour every 3 days/72 hours depending on the tower.</p><p>when its not open to attack soe can do something cool like have mobs there with the names of the people who captured it.</p><p> I know the idea has been borrowed from a few places but any thoughts?</p>

05-29-2007, 10:00 PM
<p>1) this realy is not a PvP game. theirs only a couple of PvP servers (4 out of 23) and to be honest theirs too mutch lingering resentment left (I frankly wish people would shut up about it, its been literaly months now) over the last time they implimented something because someone on the PvP servers wanted something done to make PvP more interesting.</p><p>2) timeing will cause people to [ARROW], (seriously only attackable 1 hour out of 72? people are ALREADY [ARROW] about timers on certain mobs that are mutch shorter than that, plus when does that timer start? 8 EST when its 5 pacific for example?</p>