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05-28-2007, 11:52 PM
<p><b>The Scout:</b></p><p>The Scout is often the topic for fiery debates. It is said that the Scout class is the best class for pvp all the way around. With the skills that Scouts come with it looks as if they were made just for pvp. Many people have many different views on Scouts from pure love of the class to pure hate. The one true thing that can be said about Scouts is that on pvp servers there are alot of them. Why is this?</p><p>More often then not when you see a nerf thread it is referring to Scouts. Perhaps we as players should focus more on buffing up the other classes and worry less about nerfing. So lets come up with some realistic ideals that would help improve the other classes instead of just demanding that Scouts be nerfed.</p><p>* I dislike Scouts alot I think they are over powered in the pvp aspect and are a very easy class to play and pvp with. But thats just how I view it and that doesnt do anything to help the other classes. I think most of the debates come from people playing Scouts denying their classes pvp value.</p><p><b>No zoning while in combat:</b></p><p>Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!</p><p>This has to be one of the best things SOE has done in a while and I am very glad of it. It may take a while for many people to get use to it but they will and adapt. Many people dislike this new set up for various different reasons. I think the main problem how ever someone words their dislike of this new set up is they are afraid to die. But mind you that is just my view.</p><p><b>GumpQuest2:</b></p><p>Run Forrest RUN!</p><p>For some reason players really love to run in this game and by run I dont mean to combat but from it. This is pvp (Player vs Player) to throw down and test your mettle against others but most people wont even engage unless they are 4+ levels higher then their target or seriously out number them. There has got to be a way to make all this running stop and encourage pvp and dont say titles because thats not really helping.</p><p>Why all the running? I miss the old days of Quake and some of the other first person shooter pvp games where people fought you. You eat a rock or get ripped up by a chain saw and then guess what....you respawn and get right back into the thick of the fighting. Now mind you EQ2 is not a first person shooter even though some classes play it like it is (/cough Rangers /cough). My point being even in games like EQ1 and UO people would FIGHT not run all the time and when you did see someone running it was to bait you into a trap.</p><p>People need to start fighting. Why wont you fight? Protecting a title? Afraid of the what 15-20sec down time involed in respawning? </p><p>Your armor does not get damaged from pvp death, so no costs to worry about there. I hear people talk about KvD ratio and they say that is why. Well it should be who ever has the highest kill count is king because your out there pvping all the time. I for one rarley ever look at some ones deaths just their kills.</p><p>EX: Last night I was in Gfay trying to gather up collections and knock out some quests. Along comes 3 Qs 1 even and 2 others orange, they surrounded me and were waiting for their immunity timers to drop. Can you guess what I did? Nothing! I stood right there and waited with them and when the first ones immunity dropped I planted my axe right in his face and started swinging about. The other two pop out and engage and at that very moment a lass from my team shows up and starts tearing into the oranges. Once all was said and done me and the lass were left standing and those 3 once again had immunity timers over their head. I recieved status on all three, if I had run 0 status for me. The fight could have gone sour for me but because I took a chance, I had alot of fun and earned status.</p><p>A little while later I see these same three running and figure there must be a posse after them, they run by and I wait all I see is two from my team even cons to the oranges!?! So this seems to be how many players play, they were all ready to go when it was just me but even the odds and they run. This happens ALOT on BOTH teams and people really need to stop and fight.</p><p>All it takes is for that one miss or resist to turn the battle into your favor and you will never know if you just run.</p><p><b>Teams and support:</b></p><p>A big problem I see on both teams is a utter lack of team work or support for fellow team members. Sure you will see a bunch of greys jump in on a fight to assist/leach what ever you choose to call it. What you dont see is people the same level helping others out on their team, many players seem to have the me me me me view and the rest be darned. I noticed this alot last night in the new zone. Instead of helping someone getting jumped by a couple of opposing team players, the jumped persons team mates scatter like roaches with the lights on. Why? We are teams Freeport - Qeynos - (Exile) and should be helping our team mates out.</p><p>You will also see this alot when one team is raiding the other teams areas. One person will try to play the hero and keep running to the other teams raid and die horribly and then scream and cuss at her/his team wondering why no one helped them. Now I must admitt it is fun charging a opposing raid solo and even more so if you manage to kill someone before the whole force turns on you but slandering your team for your foolish acts seems a little silly.</p><p><b>Overview:</b></p><p>I just see alot of things we as players could do better with out being at each others throat all the time, here on the forums and in game. We need to stop being so narrow minded or getting tunnel vision and start to look at other points of view. Even though I give Scouts flak I bare no ill will towards the players. You pay to play the game so you should have fun doing so but please every once in a while stop and step back and see how your actions - wants and needs affect the game over all.</p><p>P.S If you ever see me running from a fight it will be because I just scored some sweet loot. Other wise I will throw down the gauntlet I dont care how many of you there are. Working on a new Ogre Berserker and more then happy to feed you all my shield..side ways! Have fun and see you on the battle field.</p>

05-29-2007, 01:37 AM
It's good to know there is SOMEONE left in the game who actually likes to FIGHT.

05-29-2007, 05:09 AM
[email protected] wrote: <blockquote>It's good to know there is SOMEONE left in the game who actually likes to FIGHT.</blockquote> A rare breed for sure<img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />

05-29-2007, 05:14 AM
<cite>CresentBlade wrote:</cite><blockquote>[email protected] wrote: <blockquote>It's good to know there is SOMEONE left in the game who actually likes to FIGHT.</blockquote> A rare breed for sure<img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></blockquote><3

05-29-2007, 11:55 AM
<p>I believe with my chars I play on a middle ground. Yes, I will admit there are many times I have "run" from combat, but I guarentee everytime was when I was completly outgunned, almost always by numbers. I routinely though fight orange cons all the time. Just last night on a 20 assassin alt, I ran into a 24 ranger. Every single time I engaged, and everytime he would sprint for the nearest guard (ussually north qeynos gates). There was only two occassions out of about 8 times I ran into him that he attempted to fight. The first was when I had already engaged someone else, and he then attacked. I unfortuanly had to pull back that time because I was too close to NQ gates, and if I would had fought him, I was almost guarenteed to either get jumped, or just have him sprint to the guards. The second time he engaged was when he had a red ooc healer (was within his level range), and then he started fighting me.</p><p> What I just decribed happens all the time :/.</p>