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05-28-2007, 08:23 AM
<p>Here's the deal.</p><p>A few friends and I are unsatisfied with our current server. We want more from our experience in Everquest II.</p><p>We're thinking of re-rolling to another server and formulating a raiding guild on said server.</p><p>Our credentials? For myself specifically, I've done almost all of Everquest II's raiding content. I've been a part of almost every raid encounter in the game, there are some I haven't done, but I also have past experience as guild leader and officer in several guilds in several games, Everquest being one major example.</p><p>Why I'm posting this.</p><p>Because I'm trying to see how many interested people I can find who believe they are solid players, this means you have a fair amount of game skill, a decent amount of play time, and a notable amount of drive to help create a brand new raiding guild.</p><p>Out of the friends I've spoken with we're pretty much unanimous that we would be willing to do this <i>if</i> we can get enough people interested to join us to make it worth our while. One primary thing we'll need is a web designer that can structure us a guild site so we can get down to business.</p><p>We also need to ensure we have a suitable, knowledged primary tank, healers, dps and support- This may be structured from my friends and I primarily, in which all we may need is a core of skilled players to fill additional roles such as support and dps.</p><p>I'm not going to go into massive detail, but we know enough about the game and have enough experience to do the majority of the game's content assuming any guild we structure has the class resources to fulfill what we're fluent in defeating. It's just not worth our time to invest into something this dramatic without sufficient backing.</p><p>Again to reiterate, if we can find this sufficient backing, we very well may create a new raiding guild on a miscellaneous server. This may require re-rolls on the part of people interested in this kind of endeavor. We're ready to re-roll, we're ready to make the most of our EQII experience, we're ready to start from the beginning and raid up to EoF, prepping for Kunark. Now we simply need the resources of interested people to back us up.</p><p>If you think you're interested and able to give some of your time and effort, send me a pm and let me know. I'd like to know what we have to work with. Let me know how long you've played, what you've already accomplished, what class(es) you're most interested in playing, and how sure of this you are.</p><p>As I said if we get enough interested people we'll do this. We can build one hell of a raid guild, and we've done it several times already I can assure you.</p><p>"Edit"</p><p>On a side note, all of these people potentially interested in doing this with me are on the central time zone. Chances are if we do this our raid schedule will attempt to reflect the most appropriate time for those of Northern American time zone schedules.</p><p>Another edit: I suppose I should throw in that by raiding guild we pretty much mean fairly "hard-core". This means 4 raids per week minimum. Probably raiding 2-3 zones per raid day once we get the appropriate force, which may start as early as two to three firm groups clearing Laboratory of Lord Vyemm and or Lyceum of Abhorrence if we can get enough skilled players.</p><p>All loot rules, raid schedules, and all other policies would be negotiated and voted on if and or when we get enough interested people to begin work on structuring this kind of guild.</p><p>Chances are loot structure won't be randomed, keep that one in mind if nothing else. It's generally unanimous that any long standing raider realizes that most of the most "appropriate" reward systems are done via point system or dictatorship, or a combination thereof. Most typically go for some form of point system but as I've said, this can and will be negotiated if and or when we have the backing to conceptualize such an endeavor.</p>

05-28-2007, 04:23 PM
<p>Sent ya a PM</p>