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Antryg Mistrose
05-27-2007, 09:00 AM
Trying to rig the random number generator to get a friend a 3 set bonus bit of armour we did Crypts a couple of times. 1) Swashbuckler (tanking in dps gear), Illusionist, Templar(me), Troubador (boxed by me). A few deaths no big deal.  So the next time we try ..... 2) Shadowknight(me), Swashbuckler, Illusionist (pretty darn good one), Illusionist (boxed by me).   No deaths, health only dropped from green a couple of times.  What the?  Of course it was the enchanter stuff that dropped, not Swashbuckler, but still, we did the zone close to the same speed I recall with a full group when EoF came out, and weren't mezzing a lot.  I do realise having 2 illusionists (even if one wasn't very well played) played a big part.  But instances sans priest?  Just which ones are possible? So what weird and wonderful things have other ShadowKnights pulled off?

05-27-2007, 11:59 AM
me, a pally, a conjurer and a brigand got through  CT with no preist. idk how it looked like certian death. they got there health in the orange quiet a few times too. all the enemys were white, yellow and blue too

05-27-2007, 04:57 PM
An SK tank can get away with not having a priest if the DPS is good and people are debuffing and stunning the mob. A swashbuckler is especially handy in this role because of the high DPS and debuffing all in one. Two illusionists is a bit excessive, but allows for everyone to have haste and synergism. The illusionist also can mez, long duration single target stun, and short duration AE stun, and can mez adds if need be. I'm guessing that good illusionist was doing just that. If your very well geared and the group has really good DPS and spaces out stuns, I think HoF, Den, Nest, BSS, Crypt, and OOB could be done. Would need a ton of DPS for the final bosses in OOB and Crypt to overcome the lack of a healer, but I think it could be done. Unrest and Nizarra....not so much hehe.