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05-25-2007, 10:29 PM
<p>I seem to be having a hard time differentiating a hostile PC from a non hostile PC.</p><p>the trouble that i seem to be having is that (as it stands right now) when i see players from my own faction the name above their heads have a con color according to their lvl,...when i see enemy players, they have their names in a con color as well, but their doesnt seem to be anything that differentiates them.  i cant seem to tell whos on my side and who isnt until they start attacking me at which point a red border appears on their names.</p><p> I looked thru the options menus and i couldnt find any means to make enemy player "stand out"  what i wanted to do is make all my faction players one color (maybe blue) and all enemy players another color (maybe red) but even if i could do that i wouldnt be able (at a glance) judge their toughness.</p><p>does anyone have a system out there and would like to share it.  a way to make a visual difference between enemy players and factions players and a way to judge their toughness.  or am i just missing something obvious?</p>

05-25-2007, 10:55 PM
<p>Only enemy faction players show as colour con. If they can attack you their names will be aggro ( red line round their name ). If they are enemy but are not aggro, but still show as colour, it means you are outside their pvp range BUT you can still attack them.</p><p>Players of your faction do not show as colour, except the bases for me, may depend on ui settings.</p>