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05-21-2007, 11:07 AM
<p>First and foremost, let me apologize if this is the incorrect outlet for this post. I think I got it right, since this isn't a technical problem.</p><p>So I was playing on my 24 ranger finishing up quests in GF, accumulating a load of quest items in my overflow before I run back to town and try and dump everything <i>somewhere</i>. I am a packrat. I keep, pretty much, everything. All my bags are full, all my boxes are as well, so I check out my shared vault. The first box contains collection items, some stacked as high as 10 per stack, but some were unique, single, and I had just made a brand new guardian. So I'm thinking, hmm, let's try and make some space that way.</p><p>I load up every single one of my toons, except for two, my girlfriend's and my newest guardian and go through the examining process. I reach one of my toons that I was almost positive had all those items already examined, but you know, I suppose I could've just been a wee forgetful of late. Note, also, that she still had her 50% runspeed buff on (Mystic) that had been removed from game shortly after everyone made Mystics for that purpose. Seconds passed by, and poof, the buff finally runs its full course.</p><p>So I camped and loaded up another alt. And then I noticed a whole batch of collection items had gone missing. And I was thinking to myself that I am not so old that I'd have completely forgotten every single item that I'd just examined. I decided, however, that I must be really, really tired, and loaded up Nimbu, my new guardian. I examined everything except for a couple pieces that I'd found running around the beach on the Isle of Refuge and perhaps a few feathers as well, and then loaded up my ranger again to see the final tally of space that I'd made available.</p><p>I double-click on the banker and lo! My shared vault bank slot one is practically EMPTY. I have but a few collection items remaining, all of them -- I think -- items that none of my characters used (for example, if one of my characters examined one, the entire stack of the identical collection item went missing when I camped to another character.. or at least, that's what I'm thinking because I only have shells and feathers left, and that's all Nimbu had already gotten). My gut instinct tells me it's one of three things: a problem with the overflow with my ranger, a problem with a non-existing buff expiring, or a brand new problem caused by examining shared vault (or perhaps just all vault) collection items in a stack and camping to another character.</p><p>Now, the value of the items were entirely negligible, but I still want them back, I suppose on principle alone. I've sent in a number of petitions, and the GMs insist that I just used them all. You mean I <i>used</i> chipped shards, sometimes 10 per stack at a time across all my characters that I've done this a million times with? I <i>always</i> go through my collections across all my characters to try and minimize used space, and <i>somehow</i> this time all of them disappear, because I create one new toon?</p><p>I want them back, and I do want this bug fixed. More to the point, I don't want the GMs telling me I'm mistaken about this, because I'm positively sure I'm not.</p><p>If this isn't the right place, sorry. Do point me in the right direction and I'll re-post.</p>

05-21-2007, 01:24 PM
<p>This might be a silly question, but are all of your alts of the same alignment?  (Good-aligned characters don't share bank slots with evil-aligned characters, and vice-versa.)</p><p>The GMs can consult the Game Logs(tm) to see exactly what happened to those items.  I was lagging horribly one day and accidentally deleted 10g a guildie gave me to pass on to his alt.  (This was just before they implemented the "confirm before destroy" dialog for coin, which I'd like to think my /bug report afterward had something to do with, LOL.)  The GMs were able to confirm that I did indeed drop the coin from my inventory, destroying it.  After asking them, "Why in the world would I destroy 10g??" (that was a lot of money back then!) and explaining that I was experiencing serious lag during the trade, they reinstated the coin and we all lived happily ever after.</p><p>If you can satisfactorily explain to the GMs what may have happened to those items, they may see fit to restore them.  If what they see in the logs doesn't corroborate your theory, though, they're probably gone for good.</p>

05-23-2007, 12:25 AM
<p>Yes, all the characters in question are of the same alignment.</p><p> I neither lagged nor accidentally destroyed anything. The GMs have only told me that I'm imagining things.</p><p>This was apparently the wrong forum to post this. Where should I post this?</p>