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05-18-2007, 07:18 PM
<p>I love how with each expansion we get pretty cool content, and new races recently.  I still feel, however, that when I get my copy of an expansion, I am getting the short end of the stick sometimes.  The in game rewards are a pretty good starting point, and even getting the keychain for one of the EQ1 expansions that I ordered a long time ago I thought was pretty cool.  I would, however, like to see something of more substance for the people that have been here for a while, so I have 2 suggestions.</p><p> 1)  When a new Player Race or Class is added a new slot should be added.  We don't exactly have a lot of slots to do experimenting with, so when a new race or class comes out if we want to play it we usually have to delete one of our alternates.  I won't really mention other games, but the fact that we're limited to X amount of characters for EQ2 versus X amount per server means we're only going to get to play so many classes before we have to delete characters.  I think with the release of Neriak this is a great example of adding a race and a slot to play the race, I'd love to see it happen with Kunark.  I don't necessarily need one slot for every combination, but if I've been playing for 2-3 years I most likely have all my slots filled, and I'm not going to want to delete a character.</p><p> 2) When an existing user buys a new expansion, they also get a free month of play added to their account.  I mean I know giving new players a free month is a great incentive, and they get to save $13.00 by buying the game, but they also usually get at least one if not all of the previous expansions with that.  That means compared to someone who purchased each expansion as they came out they are saving (assuming $30 per expansion) $60-$90.  I think it wouldn't be too hard to give the people that have been playing since before the expansion came out $13 by giving them a free month.  I came up with $60 saved for someone buying EoF, while someone buying RoK will probably save $90.  I still feel like I"m missing an expansion, either way that just makes my point more valid if I am missing an expansion.  Anyone that pre-orders the game and has never played will get all these great things, and will have paid only a fraction of the cost of a long term player, so could we see some financial reward for the long term players that are purchasing another new expansion?</p><p> Just for personal disclosure, and the reason why they won't do number 2.  Even if they don't give me the $13.00 off I still plan on buying RoK because I love the lore of this game, but I am tempted to just skip the expansion, wait for the next one and get 2 for the price of one.</p>

05-18-2007, 07:28 PM
<p><span style="font-size: x-small; font-family: verdana,geneva">I understand wanting more reward with the expansions. People like getting stuff for free..or seemingly free. Although I think I would rather physical rewards myself. Buy a box set for the expansions for example and get a nice map, or a coin, or a artbook. Give people a choice between the normal set of expansions/game and a collectors edition kinda thing. Heh I would buy it. I'm a sucker for goodies.</span></p><p><span style="font-size: x-small">Also you mentioned that you would like more charactor slots. EQ2 has more charactors slots then any mmo I've played already. When I started this game....allbe not long ago I was shocked by how many you got. Heh the last game I seriously played I had to have two accounts to get the equivalent.</span></p>

05-18-2007, 07:49 PM
The part where you say " Also you mentioned that you would like more charactor slots. EQ2 has more charactors slots then any mmo I've played already. When I started this game....allbe not long ago I was shocked by how many you got. Heh the last game I seriously played I had to have two accounts to get the equivalent." Kind of surprises me.  You only get I think 6 character slots for the entire game, whereas its predecessor had 8 per server.  I'm wondering what else you played.  I can't remember what SWG had, or DAoC, but I do remember those being somewhat limited.  It's been a long time since I've played another MMO.  I'm also talking about the base subscription, when you do the all access pass of course you get a lot more, but I don't really want a lot of the extras that are out there.  (I always buy the adventure packs anyways)

05-19-2007, 02:35 AM
Base sub gives you 6 I think. The most I have ever had before was 5. Although to be fair EQ2 DOES have more race/class combos then any other game I have played too.

05-19-2007, 03:25 AM
<p>When the game launched it had 4 slots + 4 for Station all access people(when all access was launched a few months latter) about 6months or so into the game they added 2 more caractor slots to the base account making it 6 total for Base and 10 for all access. However, do to some design issues or something SoE has to do alot of Back end work to add more Caractor slots, because of this its taken from just befor DoF(I think) 'til now to add more slots, this is for technical reasons wich SoE is not willing to talk about. If they have completly fixed the techincal issues with adding more slots then I would think that more will come with RoK however if they have not overcome this issue, but just found a way to squeeze more slots in then there is a good chance that RoK will not add new caractor slots. Also with this new addtional caractor slot we will now have 7 base slots and 12 All access slots, this is Nearly the same as that other game has(per server), and personally I don't see why you would want caractors on servers other then your home one as you can't support them and you would not have friends there. That said you can get up to 18(21 soon) base and 30(36 soon) total if you include the English (EU) and Test servers.</p><p>As for free time with buying a real expaintion, as a current subscriber... well I doupt you will ever see that with any MMO as the way money works is that the Money made by selling the expaintion pays for the cost of Developing that expaintion + the profit required to make the next expaintion financially viable. The monthy fee pays for Server Maintainance and the "free" Content addtions(live updates), plus oviously a profit. The reason for the Free Month for new Subscribers is simalar to the reason Cell Phone companies give away free or greatly reduced cost Cellphones and Cable/Satilite companies give away thier "Boxes" for next to nothing. They are betting on the "come back" basicly they think thier game is so good you will deside to continue playing the game once you are hooked by the 30days of free play... besides if you could not play a game you just bought from day one would you really buy it? What the MMO companies want you to think is well if I don't like it all just cancle befor the 30days are up and it would be like any other game you bought and desided you did not like it after allmost people only play a Single player game until its beat wich is not more then like 30-40hrs total at the most wich is about 1-2 hours a day for a month.</p>