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05-17-2007, 01:48 PM
<p>Howdy all.  Just recently woke up from my almost three year slumber and found that WoW no longer had any interest for me, and came back to the world of EQ.</p><p> Couple of quick pvp questions for you who've been here awhile</p><p>Played the original EQ from Launch to Gates of Discord, and LOVED the pvp.  My two favorite toons had been my Inkie Enchanter and my Inkie Necro for pvp - both soloing very well and always ready for a good old fasioned gank fest.  Here's my questions:</p><p> 1.  What are the "better" caster type classes in EQII for pvp/soloing</p><p>2.  How different is pvp in EQII from the original EQ - where I'd hang out looking for the "Happy Little Hug Factory" - nasty guild of pecks back in the old EQ days -  when not grinding...nothing more fun than ganking those miserable, little wankers.</p><p>I'm really excited to be back in EQ, and have been having fun so far, granted there's not much (please read ANY) pvp yet at 8th level as a Necro, but I want to make sure that I'm setting myself up properly.</p><p>Thanks for any advice!</p><p>Darkothe Dur'lane</p>

05-17-2007, 02:47 PM
<p>Create a Scout and just find a nice robe to wear... that would be an awesome solo mage.</p><p>Joking aside, Necro might be eaiser for you solo.  I hear Warlocks are pretty good too.  Coercers can be awesome solo pvpers, but you need time to kill and Q's jumping you will bring you down quick.. and you need to know what your doing to stand a chance.  Wizard... I'll let one of the masses speak for them.</p><p>We don't /hug in FP, but only place I can think of is EFP dock.</p><p>Enjoy</p><p>Exur - 70 Coercer</p><p>Venekor</p>