View Full Version : What worked expanding in EQ1 can work well in EQ2!

05-10-2007, 03:45 PM
<p>First of all, great news about RoK!  Sounds like a lot of fun.</p><p> I am hoping that some of the really great expansion ideas from EQ1 can take hold in EQ2.</p><p> Successes:</p><p>New Class Additions</p><p>New types of encounters</p><p>Complicated, entwined story arcs</p><p>Huge, server changing accomplishments/disasters</p><p>Detail:</p><p> The Beastlord was a great addition to EQ1.  The pet that grows with you, and not just a spell.</p><p>EQ2 operates a little differently with is archtypes and subclasses (if we still call them that).  What if there was a charismatic archtype?  Heck, we could even add a new STAT for that.</p><p>Possible subclasses:</p><p>Beastlord (of course) -- part Ranger/Dirge, part pet class with animals appropriate to evil/good that they "compel" to join them with charisma and status.</p><p>Zealot -- part Templar/Inquisitor, part pet class ... except the Zealot must "convince" an NPC to follow him using charisma and status, but that follower grows with the Zealot.</p><p>Slaver -- part Brigand/Assassin, part pet class ... similar to Zealot, but must "intimidate" an NPC into submission to follow him, also with charisma and status.</p><p>Sensei -- part Monk/Troubador, part pet class ... similar to Zealot, but must accept students based on how well they "impress" the leaders of dojos/guilds with charisma and status.</p><p>Encounters that work:</p><p>The Ring War event from Velious.</p><p>More "escort" quests.</p><p>Traps -- such as the holes in the floor in EQ1, the abductions by gnolls, one-way doors, Djinni bottle in Sinking Sands.</p><p>Encounters that could work:</p><p>Reinforcements!  Large outdoor battles with forces joining from both sides of a faction, some to help, some to hurt.</p><p>Enchanted normal objects coming to life ... chairs that attack the player at the command of npcs, etc.</p><p>Destructable environment in instances ... cracking doors, broken glass (ala Hexen/Heretic), destroyed keep walls, DAMS!</p><p>NPCs reacting to prior achievements/encounters (code reads quest completion flags and generates NPC responses and shouts)  You killed my sister, Steelwing!</p><p>Complicated/Entwined story arcs:</p><p>The Sleeper/Kerafym!</p><p>Laarthik Kshin, Innoruuk and Lanys Tvyl story arc is a great example using holiday/seasonal content.</p><p>HUGE serverwide effects:</p><p> What if evil held more sway, and encounters, drops and even weather was affected?  Encounters and loot tables changed when the Sleeper awoke in EQ1.  Some hated the change, but everyone knew about it when it happened.  What if the world shifted as some Gods for instance were crippled or empowered by acts of guilds and groups over time?</p><p>Just ideas.  I would hate to see Rise of Kunark and future releases just be more of the same ... new race with eye candy, more levels and pretty artwork.... though that is not a BAD thing ... just that it could be so much more with creativity and good balancing.</p>