View Full Version : Regarding the changes to House Moving

05-05-2007, 12:12 AM
<b>Housing</b> It is now much easier to move houses! <ul><li>Just go to the new house and purchase it. Your old house will be relinquished automatically and all of your items will move to your new house.</li><li>When you enter your house for the first time, you will notice a moving crate on the floor. You can move it around and retrieve items from it, but it cannot be picked up or destroyed.</li><li>Items in the moving crate count towards your total item count in your house, but do not provide status cost reduction and are not useable.</li><li>Items cannot be put into the moving crate.</li><li>The moving crate will disappear when all items are removed from it.</li></ul> My question is...what happens to No Trade items that were placed in your house? I have stuff placed there from players that quit ages ago lol.