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04-19-2007, 04:54 PM
Of course, any changes to EQ2 require manpower, but I've been wondering about adding content without having to render new zones.  For example, adding some fairly long quest arcs that can be done at various tiers (similar to Splitpaw content) to earn an item or two. These can be easy $5-$10 expansions, and existing NPCs can be used for this, maybe adding an instanced zone or two using the same zone files as others.  The item /claimed can start the quest. An example: Player /claims an item, which is an odd-looking gem.  He is pointed to a NPC in Antonica (faction neutral) who would know more about it.  The NPC then asks the player to go scout an area of TS, and as the player is scouting the shore, is attacked by non-heroic golems around the player's level.  From those mobs, the player discovers that they appear to be constructed from nearby.  The player then finds the cave entrance that is usually bouncing around the east side of TS, enters a special instance where he fights a number of golems.  He fights to the end, kills the boss (even level), and finds that the boss is a lackey of someone else (maybe linking it to the small quest line of the golem maker's apprentice in BB, but that would force the quest to be EoF dependant.) The boss would require a group, and a fairly short dungeon crawl.  After killing the boss, the player would have access to the boss's little library and tradeskill instance, as well as maybe a solo arena zone with mob options similar to the one in Sanctus Seru in EQ1, or Splitpaw's.