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04-12-2007, 02:28 PM
I have recently been playing Lord of the Rings Online and I really don't like it at all. Its like a dumbed down version of WoW. That aside, there is one idea i got from that which i think would be a very interesting addition to the next xpack for eq2. Doubt anyone will listen but worth a shot. I was thinking of a more dynamic content involving MoBs. Stay with me here. In LotRO you have side quests that take an npc "buddy" with you through a storyline that, upon completion of the quest, changes the surrounding areas. Case in point, there are dwarves locked out of their home, after a story line quest, the npcs move inside the mountain. Simple but kind of cool for instances. At least it only seems to affect what i see in game world but cool nonetheless. My idea for the Rise of Kunark is sieges. I'm not sure what the storyline is but wouldn't it be cool to have dynamically moving groups of npcs throughout kunark that set up base camps in different locations and attack travelers, call for help, and also attack cities in large numbers. They could display "raid like" capabilities in that the group acts well together, yet, each member is about as powerful as an individuals toon. They can get lost, be captured, pumped for information about the camps location, portal away and everything. It would provide an interesting point of danger throughout the lands. This was a "safe path" and now there are 40 lizards ready to jump me here. Ill have to go around or organize a fight. Just a though. You could also join them maybe, an npc lead raid. Well, now im just rambling. Does anyone see any merit to this??

04-13-2007, 12:46 PM
<p>We have this type of stuff already. Castle MM has a rescue the elfs part (you escort them to front door) you can control them like a pet.</p><p>- Krovax</p>