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04-07-2007, 04:11 AM
<p>So i'm at 92 AA's on my two main characters (various amounts on a number of alts), they were 70 before the new aa's came out.  I'm looking for new content to explore... and I realized I never did the bloodlines chronicles.  I thought, well, it's new content, and it's aa...  i paid for it a while back, but I was already too high a level to play there so never did.</p><p> I find a guildie to mentor and do the quests with, and between my mentoring and slaughtering everything in the zones, he burned through 40% vit and almost a full level (36) in an hour, and got about an AA and a half for the first two quests.</p><p>Mentored I should be getting some exp converted just from killing things and there were names (though being quest names, I don't think they counted - sucks)  And the two quests I did in that hour moved me about 5% towards AA 93.  The content is just way too easy for even a mentored level 70 to bully through, at least the parts i've explored.  Therefore, it's not really fun and exciting.  My guildie was happy with the xp, but watching me blast things and casting a heal or two every so often couldn't have been much fun contentwise for him either.</p><p> Shouldn't I get a similar amount of AA to him for completing the quests while mentored (reduced by half?)  It's hard to compare since I have so many more AAs, but it seemed like it was barely budging.  I may as well have been doing it solo at level 70, racing through it even faster, and just turning in the grey quests for the teensy reward.</p><p> Is this intended?  No additional aa reward for bloodlines quests?  Should I just hope to grind out the last few AA's with repetitive content on all my high end toons?  Does bloodlines have nothing to offer me?</p><p>I know not to expect rewards from low level quests to be great, because they are easy, but it just seems mentored or not, it makes no difference. Should a level 70 even bother doing these quest lines?  Solo or mentored? The one thing I would like is the thexian language (I play mostly qeynosians)... how far along the quests do you get that? Sorry if this comes out ranting... and slightly off topic from bloodlines.  I really did mean to vent frustration that this additional content does nothing for me and inquire about it... but got side-tracked by being burnt out on having a number of high level characters doing the same instances and getting frustrated trying to grind out the last few AA's.</p><p>I was hoping taking a few hours to do the quest lines mentored would provide at least 2 full AA points.  Soloing it, maybe half of one, since it'd be so much quicker... but I'm doubting it's worth it.</p><p>  </p>

04-07-2007, 09:09 AM
<p>Those last couple AA are rough .... if you think thats bad wait til 99 .</p><p>- Krovax 70 guard 100 AA naj server</p>