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03-18-2007, 03:33 PM
I am tired. I am tired of scouts owning eveything, I am tired of casters not even being able to cast a spell let alone watching it resist when  they do manage to get one off.  I am tired of not being able to solo ( and to those twinks that think no everyone is meant to solo, casters can solo in WOW so I know it can be done, caster roots should be instant unresitable casts that woul help, a mage in WOW uses nova to area affect root and they get it at low level.) with a caster and being forced to use my scout or druid. I am tired of the twink zerg groups making the game unplayable. I am tired of twink zerg groups wiping out whatever group iam in when i do group. I am tired of not being able to enjoy the content of a game I pay for. This game is  begining to suck. I know I know, l2p and all that crap. I thought about that and you know I do know how to play, ive been on this game for over 3 years, WOW for over 3 years COH for over 3 years. I know how to play. I just know what I don't like, and its the pvp aspect of this game. Its rotten from the inside. I guess maybe when I stand at a gate and some warden drops one spell on me and My toon is dead I kinda figure L2P has nothing to do with the game. Or when some troub hits me for half my health on the first hit. No one has enough skills to survive that. And if you do its not your skill, its becasue your a twink. Scouts have too much: tracking that sees through inviso, stealth that can only be seen though with a totem and when you do see them they simply run away at speeds no one can match and circle round for another attempt. Everscout2 that should be the name of this game. ( i mention this cause it happened in a 2-3 hour period today, din't matter if we were grouped or alone we got rolled.) I even had a scout appear long enough to kill my caster and disappear before the zerker I was with could even turn aroung to taunt him off me. He didn't even stay to fight the zerker he got what he wanted. ( just had a thought, you twinks keep saying this game is like rock paper sissors. Hers an idea. Maybe if your a rock and you kill sissors, you get zip, no fame no faction no money. That way you have to fight your natural opposition. Think the twinks will like that. It be fair. Why should you get rewarded for killing toons that can't win. Everbody else...Do you think the twinks would go for it. Ya me either that might be fair and no matter how much they cry about things being ok and fair and we just need to l2p, they wouldn't support a change that prevent them from being e bullies. How can we change the game so I like it better? I say this because I really dont care if the twinks get [Removed for Content]. I want the game to change for me. Just me and all the other people who aren't twinks and never will be. Far as I can see twinks are the minority. Basically the rest of us are supporting the servers so they can run around jerk their epen. I want change. I want the PVP server to be fixed so that the rest of us can play. If the twink leaves, I dont care, more people will join and they won't be twinks. I want this game to be like WOW. Because WOW PVP is better. There twinks cant run you over, there they are forced to level, there if you hunt new players the 70s come down and hunt you. There the only twinks are at the high levels. I want battlegrounds, ya it will ruin world pvp but so what, far as I can tell the twinks have done that already. I want Sided FFA, that way no one with a brain would ever level lock at 14. And just to be sure I want level locking gone. I want debt gone. Its enough that I get sent half way across the continent for dying, no reason to give twinks a tool to abuse the system. ( remember if your a twink and you don't like these suggestion tough s h i t, I want you to go. If they implement these changes and you leave bonus). I was gonna suggest no AAs till twenty, but if you can't lock no reason to. I want all starter zones to be pvp free. No more sneaking into the bog or the grave yard to gank people just off the isle. ( and for that matter others since the twinks are so geared and AAed that its like every one but the twinks are  is off the isle). No more pvp gear or faction gear at low levels(low means the first 30 or so), no one should have raid gear if they don't raid. Give casters something more armor, more health something so they can live long enough to get a spell off. Reduce the timers on spells, make them as fast as the CAs. And allow casters to cast on the run, maybe not every spell but a few so they can do damage on the run, just like everyone else. I want the guards to assist the players on there side. Why should I be loyal to the overlord if his grunts wont protect the city.Thats all, This games version of PVP sucks if your not a twink, since most of us aren't twinks we should show them to the door. I wouldn't tolerate a bully in my home, and I am tired of letting them thrive here. Since we cant physically toss them out maybe the DEVS can make the game twink unfriendly. Finally why should the DEVS do this? $$$ thats right money. Server population is down across the board not only PVP servers. Service the twinks and you'll be unemployed. Take care of the twink problem and the game might last a few more years.  Just in case you think the game makes money, keep in mind how much other games make. If your an invester do you but your cash in a game with 8 million users or one with  1/5th that. (and thats probably being generous).Signed tired ofalways being the rock to someones paper.When i did this it wasnt a big block(figures)

03-18-2007, 03:37 PM
when i did this it wasn't a big block of black Odd

Badaxe Ba
03-18-2007, 04:03 PM
<p>yawn.</p><p>If you love WOW so much, go back.</p>

03-18-2007, 04:10 PM
[Removed for Content] on wow. If I want to ever play somthing like wow i'll connect the ac adepter to my snes and choose from any of the hundreds of games for it with the same graphics for free. Ans alot of mage spells land. Take my guildies spells. Hes twinked in master crafted and most likly adept 3 or master 1 spells. Im a warden. You think my snare was every going down and slowing those people? HELLLL NOOO. it was his root that kept all the runners in place. Thats also another thing devs. I can understand some spells being resisted because their only app 4 adept 1 even adept 3. But snare doesn't have a lv. And this spell has been resisted over 10 times straight or more. Dont think I wasn't counted cause I did.

03-18-2007, 07:35 PM
<p>OK, I'm glad you mentioned that it wasn't 1 big block of text when you posted it, becuase that Fireman Comedian (Blonde guy also in that Stalone futuristic cop movei) string of conciousness needs some paragraph breaks.  <img src="/smilies/283a16da79f3aa23fe1025c96295f04f.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />  </p><p>I don't like WoW or it's PvP, so for me, that's a bad example.  But, I definitely agree with some of your sentiments, and here are some ways SOE could fix them:</p><p>1.  Fix Mentoring The OP has played City of Heros/City of Villains so he knows just how nice it is to have auto-mentoring when you enter a zone ... everyone is truly a white con.  If SOE fixes mentoring on PvP servers so that a mentored player is the equal of a Mastercrafted Twink (stats, mitigation, resistances, and procs) with all Master 1 spells/arts the same number of AA's as the level they're mentoring down to, no higher level procs, racial traits, etc. ... then fixing a mentor level for each zone and auto-mentoring eveyrone above the zone level down to it would be a perfect solution.  Then new players could level past the loot/gear barriers and come back to farm in competitive mentored down gear.  </p><p>2.  Faster Casting Times There should be AA lines available to all classes that speed up their cast times.  Scouts get 0.5 second casting combat arts so interrupting them means almost nothing, and they get way more chances to interrupt casters.  Scouts can burn down a clothie in 5 seconds, which means the clothie never stands a chance, which isn't right.  Give the long casting classes AA's that speed up their cast times and make their spells uninterruptible.  Wizards, Warlocks, Mystics, Defilers, Templars, Inquisitors ... they all need faster cast times, particularly the clothies.  </p><p>3.  Cast Time Debuffs The Clothies should have an instant-cast spell that adds 0.5 seconds to the cast time of every spell/art of their opponent that has a duration almost as long as it's recharge.  Changing a mages cast time from 3 to 3.5 seconds isn't a big deal, but if that scout has all of his big hitting arts go from 0.5 seconds to 1 second, it could take 10 seconds to burn down his prey, which gives the clothies a chance.  </p><p>Ultimately, this entire game is designed around loot.  Every quest, named mob, etc. is oriented around gaining loot, improving your gear, improving your combat arts/spells, and constantly progressing your character.  SOE isn't going to ditch all of those ways to improve your character just for PvP, no matter what you and/or anyone else says.  So, your solution needs to included a reason for all of those things to continue to be important.  My solution--mentoring to Mastercrafted--attempts to do that.  You still get AA points for quests, so there's still a reward.  Mastercrafted gear is good enough to compete in any tier except T7.  So, the non-twinks will have a pretty decent chance if they level past a tier then mentor back down to do the quests for AA.  But, those who want more can still benefit slightly from Legendary and Fabled gear too, so there's a reason to farm named mobs still.  On a PvP server, you know that even a small advantage is incentive enough to keep those hardcore PvP players motivated to continue to farm named mobs.  PvP gear is still slightly better than Mastercrafted, so that incentive is still in place.  But, when you can mentor to ANY tier you have no real incentive to level-lock.  </p><p>My solution would be to auto-mentor everyone down to a level that greys out most of the zone.  This would mean a level 70 fabled out character passing through the Commonlands on the way to his PvE raid in KoS, would be mentored down to level 22 and Mastercrafted gear while going to the spires.  He wouldn't have to worry much about mob aggro, as at 22 very little is a real problem in the Commonlands.  But, he'd be very nervous waiting by the spires, as he's suddenly NOT invincible.  Half the people in the zone would be his level, and 2/3 of the zone would be within a few levels of him.  Surviving the mobs, easy, but surviving the PvP'ers ... that'd be hard.  He'd now have to move with his guildies as a pack to make sure he's safe.  Suddenly, off-peak times wouldn't mean that nobody could find PvP, instead, it would mean that less people online but they'd aggregate into one or two zones to PvP.  You could find PvP almost anytime.  This type of auto-mentoring to a certain level maximum of the zone would create a very level playing field and attract more people to PvP.  The new player could choose to PvE past that tier then come back to PvP as a twinked mentored player, or quest for AA as a twinked mentored player, or go to instanced zones to grind xp.  </p>

03-19-2007, 10:08 AM
<p>To be honest, I'm in the same boat, but for entirely different reasons. I really hate to say this, but if you want this game to be like wow, why don't you just play the original (and apparently the best)? This may be a really hard thing to grasp, but you DON'T HAVE TO PLAY. If you aren't enjoying it you definately shouldn't be playing. This game is meant for entertainment, if you aren't enjoying it, however hard it may be, you should quit.</p><p>Also, contrary to popular belief, scouts are no longer the class to be in pvp. You can quite easily make it through as a clothy, or as a brawler, or as a healer, or as a warrior. Some will be harder than others, some will be completely impossible without ridiculous gear advantage (I don't recommend paladin for example). Since you don't sound like you're all that high a level, try rolling a brawler, or, heaven forbid, a scout of some type. They may be (apparently) the best, and easiest to play, so why on earth do so many refuse to play them? I bet if SOE looked at server populations and saw that 30% of all characters were rogues some changes would be made to make other classes better pretty quickly.</p>