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03-13-2007, 05:38 PM
<p>As someone who truly wants to experience it all I am undertaking the grind of building my city guild factions (I am in Qeynos so Concordium, Qeynos Guard, etc). Here are my perceptions at this time:</p><ul><li>Each tier of faction requires 10,000 faction points to attain</li><li>Each writ you perform for the city guilds gives you +150 faction points (with the exception of the tradeskill faction which is +100) </li><li>The writs, with travel time, take approximately 25 minutes (averaged over different levels, requiring more zoning etc)</li><li>To gain a tier of faction requires you to successfully complete approximately 67 writs at a time expenditure of approximately 28 hours of decidated gameplay</li><li>At each tier you are given the opportunity to purchase a title and additional, often status reduction, items from the city guild merchants</li><li>The titles you purchase (although you earned them) have little actual purpose at least as is my current observation. I do believe the certificates provide a small status reduction if placed on your desk. </li><li>You can lose faction points much faster than you can gain them if you get in a xp group or attempt to help a guildie level and arent paying close attention to the mobs you are attacking. For instance, in a 45 minute mentoring session the other night I lost 3500 points in 2 different city guilds for a total of 7000 city guild faction points, almost 3/4 of a tier of faction. In gameplay time translation I spent 45 minutes losing what took and will take approximately 21 hours to regain (this is too far our of balance)</li><li>Regardless of the status you gain in a city faction and/or the title you attain, you can still lose faction</li><li>While there are mobs which decrease your city factions, there do not appear to be mobs which you can fight to raise your faction</li></ul><p>Let me begin by saying - if I have overlooked anything, misinterpreted and/or inadvertently shown my under or uneducated stance on this topic I would love to get some of these points clarified to enhance my gameplay. </p><p>Thanks in advance for your insight.</p><p>I propose the following changes for consideration to enhance gameplay and follow some logical sequence to the guild city factions and titles:</p><ul><li>"IF" there are going to be mobs which reduce your city faction, there should be mobs which raise your faction. Most all other factions within the game I have observed following this behavior. For instance, kill Centaurs, raise your faction and with the gnolls and lower your faction with the centaurs and the reverse is true. Personally I would rather the faction decreasing mobs be removed from the scenario to preserve the prestige and rare nature of those titles earned by grinding the writs.</li><li>Titles should be granted upon reaching those levels, not available for purchase. The status items and other merchandise should remain for sale and based on the title you have been granted. At each tier when you receive your "diploma" and title your faction level should be locked at that minimum as long as the title is in your posession. IE - you reach 10,000 with the Concordium and receive Novitate (I think this is correct but suffice to say, you receive the first title available) your faction should not be able to fall below 10,000 UNLESS you destroy your certificate which would remove your title from your toon IF/WHEN your faction falls below the required level.</li><li>Titles should add a price reduction on items for purchase. For example - mages with good faction standing at the Concordium should be able to purchase their "softly glowing pearls" at a reduced price beginning at the first title and the price should reduce further with each subsequent title. In addition, items requiring a T1 title for purchase should reduce in price when a T2 title is received and open the next set of items available for purchase.</li><li>Title diplomas should be mountable on a wall in the home, not just a desktop surface </li><li>Titles should have increasing amounts of status reduction. Given the amount of time invested to receive them reduction levels of 500/1000/2000/5000 would be acceptable. To get the top level title you have to complete a minimum of 267 writs which takes approximately 120 hours to complete. Anyway you slice it, thats a lot of dedicated gameplay time.</li></ul><p>Thanks for your consideration.</p>

03-14-2007, 08:18 AM
<p><span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #993300">One thing with the Centaurs/Gnolls: Kill certain Gnolls decrease Sabertooth Gnoll/raise The Herd factions, kill Centaurs decrease The Great Herd/raise Sabertooth Gnoll/The Steppes Settlers factions</span></span></p><p><span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #993300">Ah've noticed similar hits with other mobs. Ah've also noticed that the negative hits are 100 but positive boosts are only 50</span></span></p>

03-14-2007, 11:32 AM
'Rush Order' tradeskill writs give +150 faction.  It is the untimed ones that give +100.  If I am stocked up on raws and fuel, I can churn out nine tradeskill rush orders in an hour as a woodworker. As far as the rent status reduction from titles, there are very few things in the game that give 1000 or more rent status reduction.  The highest that I'm aware of is 2500 from the new rare carpentry recipe from Emerald Halls.  That requires a no-trade resource that only drops from trash mobs in that zone.

03-14-2007, 12:36 PM
<p>I do think they should give the faction rewards a little more value given how difficult it is to raise your faction.  And your ideas are pretty good, the status reduction amount might be a bit high however.  </p><p>I will disagree though, these factions shouldn't be able to be raised from farming grey mobs.</p>

03-14-2007, 01:11 PM
<p>The factions used to be quite a bit harder to max out once. In comparision it is pretty darn easy these days since doing writs for one faction doesn't lower your faction with all the rest of them.</p><p>Random killing of mobs should NOT raise your city faction.  Should stay writ/quest rewards as it is now.</p><p>I see no reason why killing a mob that is on the faction shouldn't give a sizable faction hit. Say if you are a Freeportian and decide to kill tons of those wandering guards in the Graveyard or that hangman guy over and over you will be losing status with the faction they are part of (arcane sciences I think). It only takes one kill to see you are getting a faction hit. No matter what your faction with the group is if you kill it's members it only makes sense that they would like you less.</p><p>The titles are just that, titles. Fluff, just like all the other titles in the game. If you don't care for that particular piece of fluff then you should likely not buy it or spend the time getting it. </p><p>Getting levels of faction already carries a reward, you can get the items that you previously couldn't. There is no reason to add more reward (like reducing the cost of lower faction items). What point would there be in getting the lower faction items at all until you were at a higher faction if you could just do some more writs and get them for less. /shrug</p><p>I do definately agree on the placement of the house certificates. Then again, I wish every house item had more than one position/surface you could put it in. Free rotation in all axes! But that is a rant for another time and thread =).</p><p>I do wish having high faction with certain groups did more, maybe open up new quests or something of the like but I don't think it is horrible as it is currently implemented either.</p>

03-14-2007, 01:47 PM
<p>As someone who is trying to get all 5 Qeynos city factions to 50k, here are my thoughts on all of this:</p><p>Titles are <i>earned</i>, and should not cost the player money or status to buy them. Grinding out 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, and 50k points is like doing a quest comparable to the Claymore series (time-wise). The rewards for every 10k should come with a free title, free unique looking armor/garb, and some free unique looking house items that are not found elsewhere in the game. (One of the house items from the Qeynos tradeskillers looks like all the other "jewelery/music" boxes. Also, these house items should have a few hundred rent reduction points on them.)</p><p>Once the player passes into the next 10k level, then they would get zoned into a part of the castle to be greeted by a ranking member of their city's ruling council. Horns blare and confetti fills the air as you are handed over the rewards and title for doing your part for the betterment of your city. You zone out and start your grind through the next 10k worth of writs.</p><p>Once the player gets max 50k for all 5 factions, they get a title that reflects the work they have done. The Queen or Overlord would then personally hand over the rewards and title for this feat.</p>

03-14-2007, 03:28 PM
<p>I like your expansion on those ideas Ruckus.</p><p>Let me begin by also saying I am not complaining and saying the current implementation is horrible, it isnt. I am suggesting some tweaking that would, as I mentioned originally, "enhance" the gameplay by making it more valuable and true to logic sequence. If I paid for my college education and then was told "congrats now you can pay an additional 4 years worth of your tuition to get this shiny little diploma I would have been outraged", the same logic is applied here. Doing writs has no other reward other than the opportunity to buy items.</p><p>Since rent status reduction was mentioned, I too have noticed few items with over 1000 in rent status reduction. The cost of items to me is extremely unbalanced. For instance - why oh why would anyone in their right mind spend 10,000 SP plus gold on an item that can be placed in your house and has a rent status reduction of 50??</p><p>That means in SP alone I have to keep this item in my house for 200 weeks (yes, almost 4 years) before I could even break even on it not to mention the coin investment.  I do feel the implementation of status points was ill thought out in almost every aspect. That in itself could and should be another thread.</p><p>Was just wondering about others thoughts on the city factions. Thanks for the input.</p>

03-14-2007, 06:33 PM
<p> One thing that has kind of bothered me about all this is that the faction from writs is the same for each teir, when the time and difficulty tends to marginally increase with each teir.  </p><p> On the other hand, beyond Writs, there is only the guild City Raids that provide any status, and these provide no faction at all.  </p><p> Many quests that are being implemented reward extra faction (such as the Fae quests in Lesser Faydark).  It would be nice to see some quests from each of the factions that actually give you faction.  Quests that take longer than the usual "Kill X number of Y's" writs, are more interesting, and reward more faction and perhaps less experience.  </p><p> I can see the MOBs that cause a gain of faction too for these city guilds, although IMO if something like that were added I would prefer it to be a reward only if th MOB were considered a challenge.  IE if the MOB does reward experience, it should not reward faction standing. </p>

03-15-2007, 02:55 AM
<p><span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #993300">Ah've not come across a mob who raises city/guild faction simply for killing and the only faction ah've maxed positive (The Far Seas Trading Company) doesn't seem to do anything, but ah do agree that, like with raising your KvD ratio, you should only get <i><u><b>positive</b></u></i> faction boost from green+ mobs (negative hits can still be gained from greys though)</span></span></p><p><span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #993300">And no, it is not easier to raise faction, it now takes twice as much to raise (back when the old Betrayal was in place mah troll managed to get to Amiable with the Great Herd by the time he finished with playing with the puppies, and maxed out TFSTC, but can't remember how that happened to be honest, he left at a very early age and does not have that many faction hits, only one that could be classed FP is the Bloodskull Orcs. An example of the change: mah Teir`Dassin also has maxed out Sabertooth hate but her Great Herd is only Apprehensive, roughly half the lvl as the trolls faction)</span></span></p><p><span style="font-size: small"><span style="color: #993300">That analogy about after completing college and then still having to pay a fortune to recieve 'proof' is apt and needs to be changed (and no, those who already forked out for their titles should <b><u>not</u></b> get a refund)</span></span></p>

03-16-2007, 07:40 AM
Knowing how hard it is to raise these factions from personal experience, the rewards for having achieved these faction levels DEFINITELY needs an overhaul.  It used to be that the prefix titles were rare enough that having earned one was readily apparent on your character and was worth the effort.  Now you can get a prefix title (other than Lord/Lady/etc.) just by having gotten an AA final ability.  So prefix titles are now a dime a dozen.  I think this should be prompting the devs to come up with a new way to reward those people who have spent the ridiculous amount of time it takes to earn these faction levels.  The ideas presented here already sound interesting.  It would be nice to see a reward worth the time spent.