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03-09-2007, 01:41 AM
Yeah, try and think your way through <i>that </i>title for a moment <img src="/smilies/97ada74b88049a6d50a6ed40898a03d7.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />. Ok, here's what I mean by this: right now, EQ2's housing system consists of a set of instanced rooms that are accessed through doors in the Inns and houses in the city zones.  A housing system that's also used in other MMOs is to allow the player to purchase land in the game world, and then build a house on that land.  I would dare say that most of us can agree that the latter system is more realistic (that's right, I used the 'R' word), and is more fun.  But obviously, it would be all but impossible to implement that housing system in a game where the world wasn't built from the ground-up to allow for house-placement, such as EQ2.  I wanted to throw out an idea for a new housing system that would still be instanced (allowing for infinite expansion, and doesn't screw up the game world), but not to the same degree that it currently is, allowing for the existance of things such as an actual community of houses, and for houses to have an exterior. <b>The Basic Idea: </b>Basically, instead of having instanced houses, I'm suggesting instanced <i>nieghborhoods.</i>  Connected to each city (Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, and Maj'Dul), would be the entrance to a housing instance.  At first, these instances would be pretty barren: sectioned-off plots of land for sale, roads connecting the whole area, and a Contractor's Office (more on that later).  Once you enter the housing zone, you can go up to any unclaimed piece of land and purchase it as your own, just like with the current houses.  Once you own a piece of land, you'd be able to a house built on it, and do other decorating stuff to it (more on both of those later).  Other people would buy the other plots of land in the zone, eventually creating a nice little community there. <b>Zone Population Limits: </b>Obviously, there would some sort of limit on how many houses a zone could hold (for this example, lets assume the limit would be 100 housing plots per zone).  Once the last plot in a zone is purchased, the game would open up a second instance of the zone, just as the overland zones open instances when they fill up. <b>Traveling Between Instances: </b>At first, I figured that you would travel between the different instances of the zone like you do with the overland zones (so when you go to the zone-in and choose between 'Housing 1', 'Housing 2', 'Housing 3', and so on).  But such a system would make it frustrating to try and find a particular person's house, including your own. So after thinking a bit more, I came up with this system: when you go to the zone-in, a window would pop up with two options on it.  The first option would be to go to the first open instance that has land availible; this would be for the person that's looking to buy land for a house.   The second option would be to type in a character's name, then the game would zone you into whichever instance holds that character's house. <b>Building a House: </b>So you've bought a plot of land, time to build a house on it.  To do this would require you to first acquire a set of blueprints for the type of house you want (I'll cover blueprints a little later), then take the blueprints to the contractor's office in the housing zone to have the contractor start building your house.  Once you turn in blueprints, a contruction worker would spawn on your plot of land; talk to him, and he'll have you 'place' your house, just as you would place a piece of furniture; the difference being that, instead of the house appearing when you place it, a bunch of scaffolding would appear in its place. After that, the construction worker would send you off on a series of harvesting quests to get the supplies for the house.  After each quest, you'd see the house get built a little bit more, just like with the spires and the TS/Nek griffon towers with the Live Events.  Then, once the quests are all complete, the house would be complete, you can now enter and decorate like normal. <b>Blueprints: </b>So where do you get blueprints?  There would be two sources; the first would be from a NPC merchant in the Contractor's Office that would sell blueprints for a few simple types of houses.  The second source would be from Carpenters, whose selection would be of wider and more interesting styles of houses. <b>Types of Houses: </b>There would be a very wide range of housing types availible.  The blueprints NPCs provide would be for relatively simple and small houses and huts, while the Carpenters blueprints would provide a wide range of houses.  Examples would include: mansions, towers, monastaries, shops, perhaps even small fortresses.  You could also provide these same general types of buildings in different cultural styles (i.e.: Qeynos, Dark Elf, Mara, Dervish, etc.). <b>New Tradeskill: Gardener: </b>With this type of housing, people are going to find themselves in possession of not only a house, but also a yard.  Because of this, it makes sense to create a tradeskill designed around decorating the outside of your house, just as Carpenters decorate the inside of houses, thus, the Gardener.  you could argue back-and-forth if this should be a secondary tradeskill, or a primary tradeskill, I'll leave that to dedicated crafters to debate.  The Gardener would be able to craft, not only plants, trees, and such, but everything that would go into your yard: fountains, cobblestone paths, outdoor benches, things like that. <b>Locations of These Housing Instances: </b>So, the lore-lover in me won't allow me to suggest something like this without considering where these nieghborhoods would geographically exist in the world of Norrath <img src="/smilies/283a16da79f3aa23fe1025c96295f04f.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />.  Having looked at some of the in-game maps, and given it some thought, here's where each city's housing district could be located: Qeynos- If you look at a map of the full city, you can see that there's a large swathe of unused coastline bordered by Q.Harbor, S.Qeynos, Starcrest, and the Peat Bog.  Put an entrance in Q.Harbor, and we're good to go. Freeport- Put it on an island off the east coast of Freeport. Kelethin- Put a ramp leading up to the top of one of the hills/mountains to the west of Kelethin, and put a wooded grove on it.  Set up the Kelethin instance so houses can be built either on the ground or up in the trees. Maj'Dul- Put it on a shorter plateau adjacent to the one the city-proper is built on. <b>Conclusion:</b> <i>*whew*</i>, that's a lot of typing <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />.  So; thoughts, anyone?       <b> </b>  <b> </b> 

03-09-2007, 04:35 AM
Very well done, I like your ideas. Some other not so original ideas One of the only things i liked about shadowbane was you could build houses, walls, towers, gatehouses shops and even whole walled cites. The ability to make a guild keep/outpost or guild city was fantastic. Your shop could even have an NPC to sell your goods to the world. You could even hire NPC gaurds and even set there patrol routes. You could even assign a KOS list to your guards. I wish i would find this type of stuff in MMO's today. (not Promoting shadowbane) Other than that Shadowbane was an unstable, laginfested disaster.

03-09-2007, 11:24 AM
<p>Mirander,</p><p>Very well thought out idea. And probably workable I imagine.</p><p>Reminds me of the DAoC housing zone , but the instancing would remove the insane lag you used to get in there sometimes.</p><p>I am not sure what the housing solution should be, but something needs to happen, as currently housing is next to pointless.... Besides a place to store your quest rewards. </p><p>Before the broker revamp last year, there was a least a point to going to your house, now the only thing you need to do is click on your door whilst passing and pay your rent.</p>

03-20-2007, 06:47 AM
hello the idea is very good but i have much LAG in my little house when there is to much in it. How will it be when der are 100 houses an Guards, NPCs, Flowers, tress an so thing in a Zone.       

08-20-2007, 07:31 PM
I love this idea! I sincerely hope that somebody at Sony is reading this!! I think Gardening should be a primary Tradeskill and I would dump one of my characters skill to do it. Woodelf druid gardener!! Hee hee I thought about the access thing too. While the Land option should be available I agree to find land for purchase and the name of a person would work too. How about Naming each Housing Section Like Lakeview Terrace so we can look for that as an option to. We also should be able to sell the house and property as well so will eventual need a Realtor's Office. I would also like the option to Name the house like Rosewood Cottage for example and be able to have this name carved over the door to the house, by the front door bell on a plaque, (door bells! What a wonderful idea!!) and possibly over an arched gate in the fence around the house. (Add fences to items gardener or carpenter or contractor can build. Different kinds of fences too. Stone, iron, wood and different styles.) Pools, waterfalls, flowers yes!! Oh yes I forgot. Each housing zone should have a bank, post office and maybe a few merchants, possible all near the contractor's office.