View Full Version : Constructive feedback on these new forums

03-03-2007, 04:46 PM
<p>Well here I sit .. lookinag at the new forums, and something died inside.  It hurts really.  Let me tell you why.</p><p>1.  These colors make it near impossible to read.  I think I settled down with the KoS skin but still painful. 2.  The text is way to small.  There needs to be an option to increase it more than what is it, 10pt?  Squinting is not fun. 3.  It is very hard to see which topics you have read and not.  Yeah it may be slightly bolded, but at first glance one can't tell. 4.  There is no way to tell which topics you posted in as the last forums had.  Disappointed in that. 5.  Can't read the info on the left side either.  Must do with font size of overall web page. 6.  No way to tell if you got a PM ... no indication like old boards (?) or in e-mail.  At least make the words blink or something.</p><p> Sorry so much negative but I am disappointed in the new boards.</p>