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03-01-2007, 05:59 PM
For the longest times we have had these things in the game, we even got new titles. But they have absolutely no use once so ever? Why, its not like it would be hard to add small rewards to these things, you do it with pieces of armor by adding horrible effects why not with titles and kill streaks. Just a few idea's that could make them mean something: <b>Kill streaks </b> <ul> <li>Every kill streak above 10 rewards extended pvp vitality. So if you have a kill streak of 10 you will have an added 10% vit. Pvp exp is rather lame and slow as it is this would only improve it. Its unlimited so if you have a kill streak of 10 or 500 you'll still have the same increase in vitality.</li> <li>Anyone with a kill streak thats receiving the vitality bonus will have a buff appear on them revealing the kill streak and how much vitality they are receiving</li> <li>Upon killing someone and ending there kill streak you will receive for that kill there bonus. So if you have 0 kills going and kill someone with a 100 kill streak and 100% more vit you will receive for that one kill there bonus of exp.</li> <ul> <li>Another idea would be to increase status, faction or token count for there vitality. Every 10 kills will reward an additional 0.5% in status from the status you received from the kill. The status you receive will display seperately from the regular status so you know how much you earned. For ending someones kill streak you will also receive there bonus, similiar to the vit bonus. </li> <li>In addition to the token system every 10 kills will guarantee 1 token. Seeing how the token system is already exploited now, this would make up for those who dont. The current token system will still be inplace so you can have 1-3 tokens still drop to the additional ones rewarded from the kill streak.</li> <li>Anyone with a kill streak of 10 or more will receive that much in factions. So if you have a kill streak of 10 going you will receive +10 faction for each kill until you have 20 kills which then it will increase and keep increasing every 10 kills. Similiar to the buff for exp anyone to ends this streak will be rewarded your bonus for the kill</li> </ul> </ul> those are just some small idea's to give more meaning to something that has no purpose. <b>Titles </b>In my oppinion for any change to titles that would give them meaning, they would all have to be reset. In addition to reseting them fame should only be aquired by 1v1, group vs group, raid vs raid (x2, x3, x4 all vs one another.) How anyone can think you deserve fame for steam rolling a group of 3 with a x4 is just wrong. Also fame can only be aquired by someone who has your title. This means a group killing one person wont receive fame unless that person engages first. Similiar to the grey con system. This will make gaining fame harder and harder to lose. This system would also allow turning off titles (which alot of people ask for). In doing so you automatically reset yourself to no title whether your a hunter or a overlord. You also will receive no bonus'. <ul> <li>Titles of certain ranks will receive discounts on pvp merchandise from status and coin (possible to work in faction discount too) The higher the rank the better the discount, as well as some titles are required for discounts on higher items</li> <li>In addition to higher level titles that are much harder to obtain you can open up new pvp quest (similiar to a bounty system) that require a certain number of players to kill or a certain amount of players holding a title to kill. Rewards will result in anything from status, faction, exp or even coin. Depending on your level and your title will shape the reward you receive.</li> <li>Having a title can also result in for increase rewards for regular kills. Champions will receive 5% to exp and status. Masters will receive 10% and overlords will receive 25%. Seeing how there are no overlords or wont be if titles were reseted its a suiting reward for someone of that caliber. Also unlike kill streaks your bonus wont increase unless you reach a new title and wont end if you die once but if you lose your title. </li> </ul> <b>Bounty system </b>Now the bounty system really doesnt need to be added aside from just a fun aspect of something new unlike titles and kill streaks which really deserve some sort of meaning in the game. Bounties can be attached to either kill streaks or titles, titles are more logical because kill streaks can end so much faster. Or they can just a whole new concept. <ul> <li>For a whole new concept bounties can be picked up in either east freeport or qeynos harbor and where ever many exiles gather in haven. Seeing how most players end up there and its the best way to exit the city. Upon picking up a bounty for who ever your hunting you will receive information on there level, there class and the last place they killed a person. A timer can be added but not necessary. In addition to accepting the hunter, the person who has the bounty on there head will also be notified where ever there at that they have a bounty on there head. </li> <li>If you log off you lose the bounty. </li> <li>Bounties can only be obtained by 1v1, so if you have a group you cannot kill them if there alone, if there grouped or in a raid you can have one. But only the person with the bounty will receive a reward.</li> <li>Rewards will only be gained if you can succesfully defeat them. If you died the quest or "bounty" ends and you can not go back and try again unless you get a new bounty. This is to prevent zerging.</li> <li>If you are being hunted and kill the bounty hunter you will receive a mark, enough marks for slain bounty hunters will earn yourself a reward equivalent to accepting a bounty with out ever having too.</li> </ul> These would make the game more dynamic and not just have titles and kill streaks be empty. Bounties are optional because its not part of the game but titles and kill streaks are and should have some sort of use. I personally only find myself killing for tokens to get new armor...which can be extremely boring. I get 100 tokens and buy something now I have the stress of relizing I have to do it all over again. These can make things like that fun again. Whats everyones idea's, especially that red kid archonix he seems to have good idea's!

03-03-2007, 05:10 PM
<p>I'm sorry to say this since they may actually be nice ideas and good effort, but it would encourage exploitment of game mechanics, like runners, zoneline-huggers and pushing exit-button on zoning'ers. Does this game really need more of those?</p>

03-03-2007, 05:18 PM
Elaborate on exploiters? There changing it so you can't zone while engaged in pvp so that would be out. If you plug pull you stay in the game for additional time after going LD which means you will still be killed. People run all the time nothings gona change that. The token idea is actually because of the xploiters. I know there are 2 guilds on both sides for nagafen that farm tokens and are well known for it. Awarding tokens for having to pvp rather then just killing the same person over hours at a time would help out. Plus if anything can be exploited theres a whole knew test pvp server coming out for just such reasons.

03-03-2007, 06:03 PM
<p>No more exploits you say? Nice <img src="/smilies/3b63d1616c5dfcf29f8a7a031aaa7cad.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />.</p>

03-03-2007, 06:22 PM
<p>In general I kinda agree. </p><p>Kill Streaks: Rewards for a kill streak should be minimal if any.  People really enjoy their kill streaks, nothing more needed.  </p><p>Titles: I think the entire infamy system should be reworked with the primary purpose of encouraging PvP'ing.  As it is now the system discourages it becasue the loss of infamy is a huge hit, meaning far more people fear death than want to engage.  As a Freeporter, I constantly see whites and yellows run from my and/or my group, even fights and fights where they should win but are not assured of winning, they evac, zonehop, run, etc.  This loss of infamy incentivizes some people into avoiding fair fights, which makes the PvP game less fun for them and the people who wanted to fight the fair fight.  I'm not talking about running from a full group of orange cons ... I'm talking about running from blues and greens to protect your titles.  </p><p>With that in mind, I agree that infamy should be re-worked to give more infamy for killing grouped people, people who con higher levels than you, etc.  Also, give less infamy for killing a person/group that has less total levels than your own (if your group has 4 level 25's in it then your total levels are 100).  If your group has 100 levels total and you kill a group of 3 that only have 75 total levels in their group, you should win, and thus if you do, you shouldn't get much infamy IMHO.  When that x4 raid with a total level count of 600 rolls a group with a total level count of 100 ... I'm just not sure the x4 deserves any infamy whatsoever, lol.  When that group of 6 people with a total level count of 150 rolls a solo guy who is level 30 ... they don't deserve any infamy either, even tho he may be red to them.  </p><p>I'd like to see the titles increase as people PvP new opponents (thus no farming of alts) but not take infamy away if you lose.  This in itself wouldn't really reward griefing the same people over and over again.  Instead it would encourage you to find new and differen targets.  You could make the /recent list be as long as a day when you are rewarding people for fighting different opponents.  No more hiding by the zone-line ganking the newbie then zone-hopping indefinitely to maintain permanent PvP immunity until you see another no-risk kill.  </p><p>The ruleset should promote PvP'ing, not avoiding conflicts to maintain titles.  It's a difficult mechanic to put into place, but the rules should be made primarily to assume that people are going to mold themselves to the ruleset, but deep down inside, they come to the PvP server because they want to PvP and want a set of rules that promotes actually PvP'ing.  </p><p>As for rewards for titles, I agree with you, there should be discounts for titles.  IMHO, PvP gear, room rents, furniture, pets, etc. should be reduced with titles, just like being in a successful guild reduces prices for things like mounts.  </p><p>Ideally, the PvP Token sets will be extended down to the other tiers.  I dislike the idea of grinding tons of Lucanic Knights/Qeynos Guard faction up just to splurge and almost instantly go from no PvP gear to fully PvP geared out.  The incremental system of PvP Tokens and spending them on one piece at a time--the piece of your choosing--makes a lot more sense to me.  </p><p>Bounty System: I'm not really a fan of the Bounty system.  I don't think it adds anything to the game and I think it detracts a bit because people are missing out on PvP that's right there in favor of looking for the PvP that isn't neccessarily there.  </p><p>If you want to duel I'm afraid you'll break the current Faction-oriented system of PvP'ing unless you make it an instanced duel.  I wouldn't be adverse to it if there were a modified system of the Arena that facilitated setting up duels, but that's a LOT of developer work on what I think most people consider to be of very little value.  The Arena exists already, and on a PvP server, it's almost never used.  I don't see setting up a cross-faction Arena being worth the developer time.  As for non-instanced dueling ... that breaks the immersive atmosphere of a PvP server.  The fear is that there's always someone(s) that can descend upon you and rip you a new one at any time ... it's that uncertainty and sense of impending doom that keeps people on their toes.  So, I'm afraid 1v1 is always going to take a back-seat to group v. group.  Now, I don't have a problem penalizing raid PvP, as that gets a little silly IMHO.  A raid of 1 well balanced group + a 2nd group of warlocks is almost always going to beat a foe of 1 well balanced group.  <img src="/smilies/283a16da79f3aa23fe1025c96295f04f.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />  If you put a bounty on someone's head, that raid is sure to follow.  If you limit the bounty to only 1v1, then you're going to have that x2 quickly dissipate when they find their prey and it'll turn into 12 solo toons attacking the one person with a bounty.  Or, the person with the bounty will group up or form his/her own x2 raid and be virtually unkillable, and going solo against him will be suicide solo.  Plus, this game was designed to be a group game, and the PvP a group PvP ... toons like a Templar or Mystic wouldn't be so happy about a bounty system I can assure you.  And if you think this is EverScout now, a bounty system would double the population of scouts.  </p>

03-03-2007, 06:47 PM
With your fame idea it just complicate things. We don't need to add complicated system of levels or numbers. By making fame based on 1v1, group v group, ect. and only being able to gain fame by those means it makes fame somewhat straight forward. Unlike a group killing someone solo, then someone else joins that group and kills you and you lose fame again, or someone else attacks while your fight and they get a fame hit as well. As well as obtaining fame from only someone with your own title would also lower the field for fame and losing fame. If your a champion you have to worry about drednaughts, champions and destroyers. The new system you would only gain fame from other champions. You could also rework fame so that it means more solo then group or vis veres. Either way getting rid of losing fame from a entire group when your solo or raid needs to go.

03-03-2007, 07:14 PM
I understand when you say ''How can you gain fame from an x3 rolling a group of "...but for Freeport it DOES make sense, since you are trying to be INFAMOUS.  Perhaps they should change what its called, or else to me it makes since.

03-03-2007, 07:15 PM

03-03-2007, 07:17 PM
<cite>Greeen-_-Ranger wrote:</cite><blockquote>I understand when you say ''How can you gain fame from an x3 rolling a group of "...but for Freeport it DOES make sense, since you are trying to be INFAMOUS.  Perhaps they should change what its called, or else to me it makes since.</blockquote>Cant really be infamous if you are just another face in the ranks...

03-03-2007, 07:26 PM
Fame, noterity, infamy what ever it is, its directed towards your SINGLE character becoming a well known figure among a bunch of peons. And thats exactly how it works, I know theres a lot of players with a high title who just role in groups. So unless you want to also create a title line seperately for groups then single players, which im against and wouldn't fit right at all. Obtaining fame the way I mention above is the best way to go.

03-03-2007, 07:29 PM
"He's infamous for joining raids on Qeynosian strongpoints and the murder of individuals to the might of his band of merry murderers"

03-03-2007, 07:31 PM
Dont get me wrong...I solo 80% or better, only grouping when the only fights I can find are groups / raids and need the help.  Over 1k kills on several different characters, and my ranger has a 12 to 1 kvd, all of which has been in gear i've earned, not 'twink' gear...If we were with your system, I'd become godlike  title, so I'm all for it, my argument is that being infamous isn't JUST the opposite of being famous, it has several factors.  Freeport has more dimension imo, keep in mind I play Qeynos :p

03-04-2007, 06:46 AM
<p><span style="color: #66ffff">Its funny how its always the ppl who play scouts that want it so they can't lose fame when they are solo and die to a grp.  You got to take into consideration A) the game is designed to incorparte grps of players and B) not everyone plays a class with track and high dps.</span></p><p><span style="color: #66ffff">Go around one day solo and just forget to turn your track screen on, see how things are a bit different in other ppl's shoes. </span></p>

Badaxe Ba
03-04-2007, 01:27 PM
<p>Titles are a crutch, </p><p>and shouldn't give anything to a person to help them be more able to win a pvp battle.  Titles are half the reason why some people avoid certain pvp fights.  To be honest,  the removal of titles would be a much better idea.  And kill streaks awarding vitality?  Why?  Under that premise, the person who can kill his alt/separate account toon will soon be god-awful-powerful, and only defeatable by a like-played toon.  And despite the OP's enthusiastic hopes of removal of no-zoning, I'd like to remind all that this has not been tested, and may NOT even be implemented. It MAY be put in, but lets hold off on celebrating/crying just yet.  </p>

03-04-2007, 02:58 PM
I would be much happier if they removed titles from PVP. All they do is discourage people from engaging in PVP.  I know quite a few people who make Champion, Dreadnaught, [Fill in Rank Here], and decide that they don't want to lose it so they just go to instances, tradeskill, or sit around the East Freeport Docks chatting with other players.  I understand where they are coming from too... titles are too much a symbol of status.  If you had nothing to lose but a kill streak, I don't see quite as many running from fights. 

03-04-2007, 04:56 PM
All your doing is looking at the negative, oh people always run to protect there titles, there kill streaks ect ect, not everyone does that, hell 9/10 people I talk to don't even care about there title anymore. The only person who probably does is the guys trying to reach overseer or overlord. Thats why I mentioned to make it so you lonly lose fame to someone of an equal title. Right now you can lose fame to up to 3 different title holders. You can also turn titles off so if you don't want to participate then dont, is a drednaught gona run from someone who is titleless? No there gona run because they dont want to die like a lot of people do...not to save there titles. You could also rework fame so you don't get a new title die once and need some where like 4 fame hits to get it back. Basically my idea's were a hard rough draft. If you honestly think that these would discourage pvp I think our wrong. Also Badaxe Bart...did you even read my first post or did you just skim through replies because your making no sense.

03-05-2007, 08:47 AM
Ok you notice how weapons have a rating number well what if they could have a rating for all equiptment and the actual amount of fame you get is effected by the gear advantage. Like why should some fresh lvl 14 twink mash through"off the island" guys. And get slayer in just a handful of kills.