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02-25-2007, 12:30 AM
<p>Well i got a lvl 50 wiz and a lvl 33 ranger, i like both for different reasons, ranger is more of a roleplaying class for me and wizard well its just my higest lvl toon and he can be fun to play... my question is, i know any raid would accept my wizard for raiding, but would they take my ranger in too? or is ranger basicly useless for raids? i know trickshot and there dps helps but then agian assasins got transfer agro and dps. so?</p>

02-25-2007, 02:44 AM
Maybe in a quick pickup raid but even then I havent seen alot of rangers in raids. Dont see why ud need em when an assassin has the same dps or more with better utility.

02-25-2007, 10:31 AM
I have a friend playing a level 70 Ranger and has found that he's only allowed to join Raids if there are spaces left, not because he's needed. If you see what I mean.

02-26-2007, 02:52 PM
<p>   Please don't choose ranger if you are just wanting "the best"  Classes in this game go through such ups and downs that playing one just for its' bonuses is rather silly. Wait a month or two and you will see the rankings change. Play the class you like the most and you will be a better player for it. I'm sure there are raid guilds that will min max to the point of excluding classes, but I'd be willing to bet there are far more that would welcome a good reliable player regardless of class once the basics are filled. </p><p>   And to be honest, if a raid dropped me just because I play a certain class I most certainly would reconsider any desire to play with them anyways. Play the class you enjoy the most, master it, be a good groupmate and you will get invites.</p><p> Brega - 70 Ranger, Test Server</p>

02-26-2007, 03:27 PM
<p>there are many raid guilds looking for high DPS scouts, Rangers are DPS hence desirable.</p><p>I would say just as much as a wizard, shurgs, just depends on that the guild has already and if your a good player or not.</p><p> but, unless your 70, it really does not make a difference anything before 70 is just training.  I really think the game really starts at 70.  Thats when you max your CA and spells and raid for the best gear and really try to get the potentional out of your toon,,,</p>

02-26-2007, 03:29 PM
you could always betray =D