View Full Version : A new take on an old idea

02-23-2007, 03:35 PM
<p>Been thinking about what makes a raiding fun and would like to see more contested raid zones. Temple of Scale was a step in the right direcion but not quite good enough. Epic CMM was the same, okay but hardly perfect. </p><p>Instead lets imagine an entire outdoor zone populated with epics. It should have multiple enterances (think GFay size/enterance layout) so everyone isnt stuck fighting from the same zone-in, which only leads to a race to the contested. If you do choose to race so-be-it, otherwise you can head to a different zone-in.</p><p>It should be large enuf that clearing it all is imposible, however entering the zone with the mission of killing only 2-3 contested named and maybe a sub-boss is viable. With 3 or 4 enterances you could pick a different location to start from for a "different feel" of the zone and also different named.</p><p>The further into the zoneor the harder the mobs, starting with a few x2 encounters near the zone-in's to full fledged 75x4 named.</p><p>The scaling content would allow any casual guild to kill a contested named not very deep, while still offering some of the best mobs to hardcore players further in. Overall we'd be looking at 20-30 named, ALOT of properly spaced low-HP trash mobs (to prevent hardcore guilds from pwning the entire zone in a day yet allowing some scouting). Contested would be completly protected by trash yet be in range of track. Navigating most of the zone solo would be possible but <b>very</b> tricky (probably needing a monk+scout+resser trio to see which named are up).</p><p>It's best factor would be a plethora of ways to tackle this zone, for some examples... </p><p>1) You may zone in from the S/W and head towards a small village in the middle, killing 1-4 contested on the way. Once there you could raid the village for the zone-boss. This would be scaled for hardcore guilds.</p><p>2) Or you zone and head to an "enchaned grove" off in another direction to kill a sub-boss, killing a few contested named on the way. </p><p>3) You could also zone-in from yet another side and head to some huge lake to fight a sub-boss sitting in the middle (once again, killing whatever contested along the way).</p><p>You get the point. The more I think of it the more ideas I have. Basically a normal zone with its share of intrest points.</p><p>It should have atleast 7 different missions/sub-bosses, each requiring an evening of raiding to complete each major route (2-4 hours). If contested lockdown is foreseen as an problem you could also go the route of having rare items drop to pop some named.</p><p>The benifits of a zone like this would be its size and changing environment as you progress. Revive points should be scattered throughout the zone (like a barn outside the village, dock by the lake, tent by the grove enterance). This would also allow raid guilds to camp out at these revive points for the night and continue on the next day (a much better method of handling zone progression than what EH provides). Like any non-instance zone you stay where you camped out.</p><p>The downside is lag. Having 3 or 4 raidguilds in-zone could be bad. However when it comes to large zones (containing mobs that dont need massive debuff re-calculations *cough* mayong) you could make it work. Some outdoor zones can handle 100 players without problems.</p><p>Any thoughts? I see this as nothing but a great idea and a way to turn one zone into raiders dream. It would be taking us out of our dungeons to tackle huge outdoor areas together as a guild, something to do when waiting for other zone timers.</p>