View Full Version : Posting limits on the Newbie Yard forum?

02-23-2007, 03:21 AM
Obviously I'm not a newbie.  What I am is the person who has, most recently, been updating the Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier information.  I still have the information, and after recovering from a fried hard drive and updating for the latest LU, I was ready to post the TIWIKE on the new forums. I know with the old forums, you couldn't make a new post in the Newbie Yard if you'd made more than a certain number of posts - I actually posted the new TIWIKE under my other account.  I didn't find any notices of limits on the new forum though, so I tried to post the TIWIKE under my main account.  I did not get any error messages when I posted the TIWIKE, but the post itself has never shown. Is there still a cap on how old an account can be and still post in the Newbie Yard?  Should I put the TIWIKE in another forum?  It's great information for everyone, but obviously new players can benefit from it the most.  Thanks for any info!

02-23-2007, 12:16 PM
There are some forums that look to me as if the permissions are still being worked on.  Based on the number of posts recently in this forum regarding issues posters are seeing, I think SOE will have its hands full fixing and tweaking things for awhile. I suggest posting your guide wherever you feel is most appropriate based on the permissions you currently have.  If you think it belongs best in the Newbie Yard and cannot post there, send a moderator a PM and they'll get it moved to the right forum and sticky it as necessary.