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02-22-2007, 02:16 AM
<b>Please do not flame this to death.</b> This is a hot topic and I would like to make an honest point to the folks at Sony. When you really need help with an important event you should be able to get some. Customer service? Think really hard about this one! Here is the story <ul><li>Gratz and excitement all around, we ding the guild lvl 60 on the raid and come back to town. Hot dam! </li><li>Most of our players have been playing EQ2 from just about launch. We all pulled together and have run a solid guild playing every night with about 70 players and many more peeps. We are dedicated, honest and most of all like to have fun. </li><li>Now dinging guild lvl 60  is a big event for us. A few of our mates are successful crafters but  for the most part we are not rich. We have lots of mates to gear and equip so 50 plat for guild cloaks is quite a big deal.</li><li>My co leader and I go down to design our new guild cloaks. After a good deal of time and discussion (posting screens so that our mates could see the choices) we pick a cloak with a new pattern, no boarder and a new crest. Wow cool.</li><li>ok, click we finalize the choice and here come the new guild cloaks... </li></ul><b>OMG! We screwed up the guild cloak!</b> and did not remove the boarder on the cloak! We had just captured a screen for an alternate choice and did not change it back! OMG! <ul><li>now what we just messed up big time. The coulours do not even match, it's no good at all.</li><li>OK no problem we both petition this and attach screen shots and a heart felt please help us fix this mistake.</li><li>petitions are filed within 10 minutes... </li><li>Defiance was disbanded and reinstated surely a GM can help us remove the boarder from our cloaks....</li><li>You would think wouldn't you? No passing the buck here we messed up, one click and poof 50 plat of coin out the window... Now would be a really really good time for Sony to help us out.</li></ul><b>No such luck!</b> After much discussion with the GM. The response was that this situation was not something Sony was able to help us out with but please feel free to petition us with something we can help you out with. <ul><li>Pardon me? Are you kidding? </li><li>OK we are only 70 players who bust our hump and proud to have a solid, honest EQ2 guild but you have to be joking? </li></ul><b>Why didn't the GM just say bugger off and buy some plat from a farmer web site? </b>That would cover the cost of a new lvl 60 guild cloak design! Think about how many times you get spammed about buy plat, all the web links and all the times you /report /petition plat seller spam... <ul><li>See the reason we are not a rich guild is that we do not buy plat, we look after our mates, masters go to our friends not the broker, we work hard and above all we are proud that we did it honestly. </li><li>How bitter do you think that left us? </li><li><b>So we bankrupt the guild</b>, our peeps and bleed out every last coin we have to buy another guild cloak</li><li>So we are broke we have our proper cloak at the cost of 100 plat and that is highlight of our guild making lvl 60... Not the fact that we put us over the top with a group effort on a 4x raid with status mobs... </li><li>Our highlight is that when we needed customer support <b>Sony's answer was to bad so sad</b>.</li><li>Well at least we have our integrity </li></ul><b>Why can we not get help from a GM when we really needed it?</b> With actions like that  no wonder we have plat farmers at every corner. How bad does it have to be before people quit? We have asked this question several times. Peeps have been playing since EQ1 went live now we are really asking ourself <b>Why? </b>With hundreds of hours invested in EQ2 I'm going to drop in my DVD to install a new and maybe better MMOG and see if maybe it is a better place to spend my time. I can tell you for sure that I would not have done that before  this event but I can honestly say that Sony must think that the people will keep paying their fees no matter what happens. Maybe it's time to see if I my time and effort can be better spent on another game. <b>Once again please do not turn this into a flame feast.</b>

02-22-2007, 02:21 AM
I sympathize, but as is stated in the <a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=176" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Forum Rules of Conduct</a>, you may not: <ul><li>Make posts seeking or giving feedback about Customer Service resolutions. All requests and feedback about Customer Service issues should be handled through petitions or emails using the Knowledge Base (<a href="http://www.station.sony.com/kb" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">www.station.sony.com/kb</a>) and selecting Email Support.</li></ul>