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02-22-2007, 01:40 AM
<p>Day1. OOH whats this I found on the internet a trial version of EQ2.. Download with excitment. First hour I have created a really cute Monk and off she runs to that Murrar guy. Yep, go learn to beat up the guys over there. I run beat up that guy. I am GOOD! Now run beat up those goblins. I run and beat up those level 3 goblins. Wow am I GOOD or what.  Run over there and kill those spiders.. OOPs maybe I am not that good. Death becomes me. Oops, my equipment need repair but I dont have any money. Go back and kill those spiders. Okie Dokie..  Whew killed with a teeny sliver of red still to my health. Man am I good.. You get the drift.  Kill alot of stuff, oh boy oh boy, I am set! I have these apprentice 2 upgrades I got for my hard earned  killing spree. I am ready for the real world. OOPs gotta buy to get off the island.. Well [Removed for Content] I am good. So yep went and bought the whole shebang. </p><p>Day 2. Wow Look I am in Nettleville. I am a highly skilled level 8 Monk.. Hour 1.. run and get me this. Hour 2 still running around getting this quest and that quest and this quest and that quest.. When do I do a quest? Hour 3. Enough I am gonna go to the Peat Bog. Hour 3 and 2 minutes. I am killed by a rat. Hour 3 and 4 mins. I am killed by a bog slug. I need repairs. I have no money. Ok sold some I guess useless stuff to a vendor. I get repaired.. Back to peat bog. Hour 3 and 20 mins. I am victorious. I killed some critters and wow look I got money.  OOH and whats this I am a level 9 now. Wow.. oh no new spells and not enough money to get a app2. ohoh.. Hour 3. 45 mins and 3 deaths later. Wonder what I am doing wrong? Hour 5 whew I finally works off some debt and ding I am a big bad level 10... Hour 5 1 min. Peat Bog my big bad level 10 Monk gets hit from behind.  Upon opening eyes I try and figure out what killed me.. Another rat? must of been dang it. Hour 5 5 mins. Wham something kills me again.. Wonder what I did wrong. Hour 5 7 mins. I realize Oh another person killed me. OOPS..  I am told I need better equipment and upgrades on my spells. Rats I dont have the money.  </p><p>Skip to Day 10.  300 deaths to my name. Nobody killed but me.  But LOOKIE Here I am level 15.. I am getting Good! Finally saved enough money to buy a level 4 set of clothes and a level 3 weapon.. Off i go. Okymyst forest... Day 10 5 mins. Wham i am killed by a bear cub. Dang, I need repair but dont have any money. I spend half hour killing rats.. Mystail rats, get some money. Killed some bear cubs and do 3 small quests. More equipment. I am good. OOPS the stuff the lady gave me is for level 4.. Shucks. I am told I really need to upgrade my spells and equipment. Oh no the money i made i spent on the other spells and now I have new ones that replace the ones I just earned enough to upgrade. And I am out of money.  </p><p>Day 10. one hour. Roll new alt. Spent time on forum to educate myself. I am ready. Back on the Isle. I am now a big bad Paladin. Day 10 one hour 15 minutes later, killed by another spider. I am having a bad case of dejavu. Dejavu except this time I harvest and harvest and harvest and ooh look I can make things. I make myself some new gear... But eek I can only make stuff to level 4 or 5 and oh no, I am level 7.  Day 11 I am level 9 and I am ready. Off to Q! Day 11 3 hours and 1 minute. I am the big bad paadin and in Forest Ruins.. 2 mins later I am dead. A couple slow tortoise kill me. 5 mins later an announcement.. The Blackfurl Forces get ready to storm the castle. OOH they must be good guys who can get me in there. I wonder what a Blackfurl force is? 30 seconds later I find out. The hard way. Wow that was a whole lotta big bad boys that swarmed lil ol me. Rats I need repair and.. I am penniless. </p><p>Day 10 12 hours later. I am fresh from the forums. Ok now I think I have it. Roll new alt.... Sigh back to the Isle... But this time I am smart I make a shared bank and put craft books and such in there. God I am good....  And ooh don't I look good as this Fury?  Ha I kill spiders without dying. I kill beasts and goblin thingies.. I am bad bad bad! And ooh what a crafter all the way to level 8 without leaving this lil Island.. Ha! I leave to Q!  </p><p>Day 10 20 hours later. I am sleepy but golly lookie me. I have money.. I am rich.. Wow 45 silver. I splurge and buy myslelf some gear befitting my level 9 self.  From the guy in the armor shop over there. Wish I could afford some stuff from the broker.. but hey this is a game that would not you wear something bad if it came from the armor shop.. Right? Day 10 20 hours 16 mins. I am dead. A moat rat killed me.  I am persistent I go back to Antonica becuase the book I got Welcome to Quenos said I needed to.  4 mins. later I am dead again. Wonder what killed me. Ah another player.. Ok. .. I still need to get to Ardent Needle. I see this is a Level 7 quest. I am level 11 I can do this! 30 deaths later I finally realize I cannot.. A very nice player told me to better equip myself. Why did the book say I could do this hmmmm. And why did the forum repeatedly tell me I could solo.. I need to find some groupies.  Sigh 4 hours 45 deaths later.. Cannot find anyone to group with me..  Back to the forums.</p><p>Day 11 No sleep roll new alt. I am bound to do this.. I read the things I wish I had Known Earlier and am bursting with information.  I am a big bad Berserker.. Hah.  45 mins later I feel like I am a God.. I rule!  Hah lookie here.. all these treasure chests... Hmmm nothing I can use rats.. will save it to sell in Q! I kill and kill and kill and chest after chest after chest.. Wow lookie all these adepts 1's.. Wish one of them was for a berserker... Off to Q!  4 hours later my first broker sale.. OMG I have gold... I spend it on myself with glee...  Off I run to to Okymyst Forest and Forest Ruins and the Peat Bog... I am BAD...  Ahh whats this a quest to the caves..  Off  I run in my level 12 gear for my level 13 self.  The quest is now green to me.. I better hurry and get it done!  Day 11 2 mins. I enter Caves.. OOH scarey.. Oh there she is the Lt. Lady.. I get the quest.. I can do this! I step off the little island she is on.. Immunity remaining 20 seconds.. I am killed by some spiders. Dang.. I revive.. Crap I need repair..But I spent the money to buy all this gear.. Immunity remaining 4 seconds.. 5 seconds later I am surrounded by all of these people who in the second it took to kill me looked like crazed psycopaths.. I revive..  22 seconds later I am dead again.. By same said psychopaths... I must be an idiot to stay here... I want to leave but where the hell is the bell.  2 deaths later, Oh thank god the bell.. Equipment now standing at 40 percent.. I am in big DOO DOO...  I sell my firstborne...  Get all combat arts upgraded to Adept 1 and ooh look Adept 3..  Hey wow look I ding to level 14.. OH my god None of my spells are worth anything because gasp..  I am another level and now all of the sudden things I thought I upgraded so well are now obsolete.. I should have remembered that before I spent that money..  I am wiser now..  I keep my equipment and spells where they are because I have no more money.. OH poop.. My inn rent is due.. </p><p>Day 12 48 hours without sleep.. I am addicted. I am a forum scholar.. I am ready.. Off to the Isle A dirge now.. I realize I love this class.. Yep I harvest and bank and lock down my combat xp..  I know to do this now.. I think wow I can go to antonicia and nobody can kill me.. Off to Q.. and straight to Antonica... I forgot about the [Removed for Content] Moat rats...  I better not come here till I am better qualified... I join a guild.. Make a lot of friends..  Earn some money.. Spend the money.. and Wham Bam Wham Bam only 300 deaths later I am almost a level 20. Wonder when I can kill a Freep?Wow I am getting good.. I am learning the lingo.. Woot Woot..  I learn to shout in antonican.. Frp check. Lvl 20 Frps at OT.. Took a while to figure out what TS meant.. I know now.. I died there 250 times of my 300 deaths. I just know I am close to killing my first freep... Ok I have city writs.. Off I trot to kill some Forest Wardens becuase the quest is green to me.. I only need to kill like 10.. I only die 3 times enroute too. I am getting GOOD!  I am in Archer Woods .. There is a Forest Warden.. I send an arrow flying .. 3 seconds later.. I am dead.. I realize the Warden is heroic.. Heroic? I ask myself why would those folks give me a writ for a forest warden if he is heroic. I am baffled. I look myself over .. hmmm I am a level 18 Dirge and he was a level 12 Forest Warden.. I wonder what I am doing wrong... Maybe I should try the Sabertooth Writ instead.. I go and shoot an arrow at the Sabertooth Runt.. I repeat runt.. Ack 14 seconds later I am dead.. I cant even kill a runt.. I revive myself and again go to my journal to see if I missed something..  Wham while nose is stuck in journal, I am ganked by a group of freeps who came out of the thin air! They took my 3 copper I had to the world.. Wonder how I will pay rent..  Dang what am I doing wrong.. I ask around.. Day 17 umpteen hours later I think I have it..  I start grouping everychance I get. And I keep dying..  Im told to pull so I pull and wham I am dead.. I hang back and use assist.. Wham I am dead..  I scratch my head in despair.. And get one shotted in the back and die.. Wow he was good and lookie there he is 4 levels below me.. Wonder how he did that?</p><p>Day 21 3 weeks into the game.. Sleep who need its.. I reread things I wish I had know earlier and tell myself how dumb can u be.. I have learned even though everyone says u can solo.. obviously I can't solo..  I know I can never ever ever finish a quest in the caves... Because every time u go there, there are 20 freeps and 14 good guys and you.. And you are the one without the right gear, combat arts or spells..  And besides its bery dark and even if I could finish the stupid quest, everything on the reward would be 12 levels below me.. I scratch my blonde head..  but look around first before I do.... Wonder how these people get such uber gear? Wonder how these guys get such "uber" upgrades to their spells and combat arts...  Hmmmmmm  Forum seems to insist you can Solo to 20.. Sony implies you can as well.. I am scared to death to do any quests that involve quests with names like stormhold and thundering steps.. Week Four.. I am making buddies.. They are taking me all over the place.. I am still dying but who cares..  Wow look at this look at that.. Let me fall on my sword for you! I am the master of corpses!  Golly how did u get all that money.. How do those freeps get such good gear.... I have saved myself 3 plat... and am gonna uber myself out.. Thats what I do.. OOOH look at me.. Level 24 and able to afford level 22 gear.. but dang I am gonna need 30 gear soon... what to do what to do....  I get the best I can now and figure I will sort it out when I have more money..  I step into Antonica.... Wham I get taken out by a freep 3 levels below me.. I revive and run back figuring I am gonna get payback... I hit the stinker.... again and again and again.. and he keeps getting his health back over and over.. I hit so much my hotbars turn blue... I shrug and die with a smile.. thinking wonder how I am gonna repair.. I spent all this money.... </p><p>So I end my diary here.. I am going to go to the forums and reread the new updates which are coming out because I think I just spent alot of money on things I will no longer be able to do..  Wonder what kinda alt I should roll this time.. I pause and consider things I wish I knew...  How to find a seasoned EQ1 player who came to EQ2 as soon as it was released that would be willing to roll a new alt and take me with them step by step  by step. I wish I new how to find this player who is also willing to give me 100 plat right away so I can stay UBER.. I wish I knew how all those people solo.. I wish I knew how to kill someone in PvP.. I wish I could find someone willing to solo PVP instead of 25 on 1 PVP.. I wish I knew how to stay awake tilll 2 am pst so I can walk into Antonica and ride the griffon to OT or TS and be able to step onto the platform without getting killed. I wish I knew how to figure out what folks mean when they start talking techincal stuff regarding mitigation and procs and such..  I wish I were a computer genius.. I wish I knew how to use my keyboard instead of my mouse.  Oh my goodness I am such a dumb dumb.. I figure by the time I have this down.. EQ3 will be in its 2nd year.. </p><p>I close on this 24 day 23 hours and 1 minute.. One thing I do know... I am hooked.......  </p>

02-22-2007, 03:35 AM
<p>Nice read. I am not a PvPer or an alt-aholic like you are/seem to be. I still enjoyed your story as it brought back memories of when I first started this game as my first step into the MMOG world.</p><p>I got even more hooked by playing it when everyone was a noob and running around in app2 spells with colored gear rather than gray gear made you almost uber. If there was PvP then I might have really enjoyed it.</p>

02-22-2007, 04:23 AM
<p>That was a really fun read.</p><p>Perhaps you culd try an alt on a PvE server?  Might be a few less deaths while you "learn the ropes," so to speak.</p>

02-22-2007, 04:43 AM
<p>LOL I have not intention of going from PvP to PvE.. I love this game...  I get ganked, smoked, poked and broke but am still having the time of my life.  I guess I just meant this as a response to all the forum threads that I read, then tried, failed, suceeded, failed, and especially the oh sure you can solo up to 20 threads.. I find it hilarious that I cant even complete a quest after leaving the areas such as okymst forest to do Antonica quests.  Unless you go at 2:00 am..  But would I change it? NO NO NO... perhaps because I make such a beautiful corpse.  And I have learned one thing.. Despite being told over and over to bring enough coin to mend should u die... I do not.. So when u kill me .. be advised I carry 2 copper on my person every time I enter Ant..  And u only get 1...  I figure another 2 days and all my xp debt will be paid... see u then!  </p><p>Love this game! </p>

02-22-2007, 11:03 AM
very nice read, and yes perhaps if you want to learn the game first roll a character on a PvE server. So only the npc's can kill you

02-22-2007, 12:23 PM
<cite>CirceSiren wrote:</cite><blockquote><p>I love this game...  I get ganked, smoked, poked and broke but am still having the time of my life.</p></blockquote> Good attitude.. the key to a long and enjoyable existence in the PvP community. Emos tend to spontaneously combust at one point or another on a PvP server. XD

02-22-2007, 12:50 PM
My experience almost exactly two years ago was the PvE equivalent of yours.  <img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />  "Oh-ho!  I am a SCOUT!  I have a shiny DAGGER!  Why am I DEAD again!?"  "Oh-ho!  This is FREEPORT!  I cannot get through the DOORS!  Lo, I am a CITIZEN!  Take that, doors!  Why am I DEAD again!?" And two years later, I can't look at my /play time, for fear I'll work out just how high a percentage of my life that is... <img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />

02-22-2007, 02:09 PM
<cite>EtoilePirate wrote:</cite><blockquote>And two years later, I can't look at my /play time, for fear I'll work out just how high a percentage of my life that is... <img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /> </blockquote>hehe, I looked on my 50 mystic and it said 5 days 13 hours 23 mins... and I'm thinking, they dont meant 5 days as in 120 hours do they? oh they do... and then I realize I have a 41 zerker, 41 coercer, 40 conj, 33 bruiser, 24 Sk, 22 assn, 21 fury, and 7 wiz and I do not dare add up the total amount of time I have played this game =) <cite>CirceSiren wrote:</cite><blockquote><p>Despite being told over and over to bring enough coin to mend should u die... I do not.. So when u kill me .. be advised I carry 2 copper on my person every time I enter Ant..  And u only get 1...  I figure another 2 days and all my xp debt will be paid... see u then!  </p><p>Love this game! </p></blockquote>HAHA, you da man! Don't let all those uber players who have 5 level 70 alts or $$ to buy 1000 plat for each of thier characters tell you how to play!!!

02-22-2007, 02:41 PM
<p>It's about 1.5% of my life so far.</p><p>I would definitely not start on a PVP server. I started on PVE and died at least 10 times on the island. </p><p>I'd die because I didn't know how to swim. I could dive but not surface. If I jumped in the water and was too far down I had no idea how to come back up.</p><p>Hard to learn that stuff when people are trying to kill you.</p>

02-22-2007, 02:49 PM
<p>What fun to read!  I'm so glad that you are having a great time even with all the deaths because I love this game also.</p><p> One thing to note - all those *you can solo* guides are right, IF you are on a PVE server.  On a PVP server? Probably not going to be able to solo without many many many deaths.</p><p>Which is why I stay on my nice safe PVE server where the only deaths I face are because I've run into a critter more powerful than I am... not because I've run into a player more powerful than I am.  I'm a wuss that way.</p>

02-22-2007, 03:44 PM
Great Read! To copy you I LOVE THIS GAME TOO!!!!