View Full Version : Solution for EOF Fabled Set Breastplates?

02-18-2007, 12:43 PM
<p>Has SOE come up with a solution on how to make it possible for players on German servers to acquire their EOF fabled set breastplates? </p><p>Our raid gave up today on D'Lizta Cheroon. No chance at all, ACT split up our last attempt into 9 separate fights, that is how bad the lag is.</p><p> I don't know if you guys at SOE fully realize it, but you have a very big problem on your hands here. Players have already quit, because of this problem, moral among the rest is at an all-time low and I can't say for sure how many will keep tolerating this.</p>

02-18-2007, 01:47 PM
The lag is rediculous in this day in age of computing power and high speed connections.  We attempted a zone last night and the lag generated is rediculous.  This was from a fight in EH.  I think it was Tender or something when is mezzed or something.  It's definatly going to be a gamebreaker if its not solved shortly.  The two large zones, eh and mmis both suffer from these lag problems.  Hard to believe this was considered a finished product and was shipped out the door like this.  It would be like giving a car the go ahead to begin production when it stalled every so often on the road.  Now, I know companies such as SOE have Quality control components and CMMI built into thier business practices.  Is someone dropping the ball and ignoring the problems or what?