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02-16-2007, 12:56 AM
<span style="color: #6666ff">I'm posting here on something that has been bugging me for quite sometime.  On raids often you are switching out gear to boost your resists for any given fight.  If you died, whatever piece of equipment that had a higher NPC sellback value took the damage if equipped within the 2min time frame before you died.  I know why this change was put into the game, but it still bothers me to no end.  Rather than come up with a clearer system, this was a band-aid approach and I have to say I loath it. If there is not going to be any tweaks to this system, then please if an item has been unequipped / switched for another, put a red icon on that piece in your bags with a 2min countdown timer.  I can't count the number of times I have switched out gear for a raid encounter, wipe then see in annoyance that the item in my bags took the damage.  I was not trying to cheat the system like back in the old days where people would go naked, jump into say some lava and get an instant evac across zone.  It's also not warranted to ask others in the raid to wait 2mins after switching out gear before a pull is attempted.  I think this system could use some intelligent tweaks. Then we get to repair kits.  Thankfully they were reduced in cost.  That was a plus.  However allowing us to only use then if our gear is below 40% is silly.  Either give the carpenters another recipe that will repair armor to 100%, or instead remove the 40% restriction and simply let it repair your armor +40%.  So if your armor is at 20%, you can repair it to 60% and so on.  Now factor this in with what I typed above about the 2min armor/item switch penalty and you can see it ends up being a headache.  Often I got pieces at 50%, some at 10% and others all over the place.  Since patch kits have a reuse timer on them and you can only repair if below 40%, I end up in this I feel awkward situations where some of my best gear is broken, the rest is near caput, and the other slots are made up of backup gear and resist.  It's a total hodgepodge.  It's actually a relief when all my good gear has been broken, and I can repair. Simply put, I think both the death items/equipment 2min penalty and patch kits need tweaking. </span>

02-16-2007, 01:34 PM
<p>Not meant as a flame but maybe if you choose a color for your font other than dark blue on a black background you might get some responses.</p><p>As it is it is simply too hard to read.</p><p>Good luck.</p>

02-16-2007, 01:49 PM
The font is fine to read on my screen... anyway, the problem is that a change to how gear takes damage of the type you suggest...  well I could stick on some lvl 1 armour before I jump into the lava, or do the same when I knew we where going to wipe, so that all I incur is a 1cp repair bill... And 2 mins of not being able to equip you item is minimal issue really, because you've just died.  Rarely will a group get back up and running and killing stuff under 2 minutes after dying. And what if I just want to show off some gear?  Now I'm carrying some useless (but pretty) weapon and can't go back to my first choice for 2 minutes?

02-16-2007, 09:41 PM
Algazeed, I am certainly not suggesting what I think you were referring to.  I'm not asking for any time restriction in being able to equip items.  I was simply asking for a clearer or tweaked version of our current system.  I am switching out weapons, shields and other items constantly on raids.  Again I have no problem with incurring armor repair costs.  But it still irks me that this system is vague to put it politely.  If I switch out a shield during combat or 1min before we attempt a raid mob, just like the manastone and other items whose icon gets tinted and a countdown timer appears on it if you mouse over it, the same should be done for items switched out.  Also your point about the lvl 1 armor is mute.  That was discussed many months ago.  You did not understand, or it was my failings as a typer in trying to convey my meaning.  So I'll try to lay out each step as clearly as possible. 1) Any item switched out for another that is going to incur the death armor penalty should have it's icon changed to either a dark red or dark grey and a timer should appear when you mouse over the item.  If a better system cannot be thought of, then at least this tweak would help make the current system sensible. 2) Change patch repair kits so that they repair armor to +40% and not how it is currently.  Also remove the restriction where it can only be used if armor is below 40%.  Notice I did not ask for a re-use time reduction on these. <span style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif"><b> </b></span>