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02-14-2007, 10:47 PM
<p>I have found that the "view new posts since your last visit" is working; however it's somewhat cumbersome to work with since there are so many forums and so many posts.</p><p>Therefore, I suggest that instead of each individual new post being listed, only the first of the new posts is listed, allowing you to go straight to the first new post in a thread, and then read the next replies after it. Right now, I get 10 notifications for new posts on one thread, rather than just one saying that there are new posts in said thread.</p><p>My other suggestion, which is the main reason for this post, is that we somehow be able to indicate which forums interest us and which do not, so that new posts in the PvP forum, for example, don't show up on my list. I don't play PvP, have no interest in PvP and with the massive amounts of posts that come, being able to eliminate forums I don't read from the search would be fabulous. Failing that, being able to order the search results by Forum would be a good option, that way I can just skip over the whole section which relates to forums I don't read.</p><p>Hope that made sense.</p>