View Full Version : Forum Suggestions (aka Features I'd like to see)

02-13-2007, 08:41 PM
<p>I thought I'd start this. Post here for features you'd like to see (not bugs).</p><ul><li>Read first new post in a thread (if possible), I hate re-reading.</li><li>Some sort of line/box around quotes, like you see when you are quoting the post, but don't see when it gets posted.</li><li>Anyway to get the compact forum list back?</li></ul>

02-14-2007, 10:49 AM
Don't know if it's a temporary bug or is being addressed but I would like to get the ability back to be able to see which posts I've already read and the ones I haven't read yet so i don't have to go back through stuff I've already seen.

02-14-2007, 11:40 AM
<ol><li>To see which posts I have read already.</li><li>To see which threads I have participated in.</li><li>A Find My Posts button/link without having to go through the Profile and sortable</li><li>Float Threads/Forums</li><li>A sign-in link where the Logout link is for when you aren't logged in</li><li>RSS Feeds on the trackers</li><li>A Mod tracker</li><li>A sort function for search results</li><li>More variety on the rankings and the name colors.. primarily so that everyone isn't blue.</li><li>To have the ranks actually show up on the left.</li><li>The ability to send a PM to someone straight from the Private Message page instead of having to find their profile or a post by them</li><li>Better html support in posts</li><li>Better default deliniation of quotes in a post</li><li>Built in spell checker</li><li>My friends list back</li><li>Oh yeah, and a Mark all as Read for the entire forums at one shot. </li></ol> Yes, I know some of those can be done with certain browsers or with browser add-ins or by making bookmarks in your browser, but those are functions that (IMO) should be handled by the forums themselves.