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02-13-2007, 05:49 PM
<p>- Ability not to be able to track your own posts (yes, you can see your posts, but not if replies or not), besides it is also nice not to see posts of someone instead of just 3 posts but full info per page. Titles are way enough to click or not if interested. </p><p>- Useless coloumns on Dev Tracker or others: Topic, Reply subject, extra coloumn for which forum they are in. It can be simplified easily like old ones while you still see the very same info but without turning your head from left to right completely to see it.</p><p>- Ability to abuse someone elses fame. Such as I don't know who is 'Selch of Crushbone', but it is definitely not me. (Check info under my name)</p><p>- Small and wide fonts for headers is definitely not right choice for 'headings'... Okay, Verdana is trendy on amateur forums but not suitable for large scale forums like this with every type of eye.</p><p>- Underlined links to make scenery more bloody.</p><p>- More large signatures turning 'readable' areas much more unfindable in this mess.</p><p> - Did I say 'small fonts' (aka 12px instead of not 12pt) really looking awful with ClearType on?</p><p>- Not enough color differentiations between posts to seperate them easily.</p><p>- Line-height: 150% is a good CSS feature to make lines more readable on square type of characters such as Verdana, please use it.</p><p>I know many of these will be definitely corrected, but just wanted to give a head start to that. I actually admire readability of Arial or Helvetica and its size, balanced narrowity sections and was finding old forums pretty readable and tidy. Probably most of these will be better and I still have some addiction to old forums, however, all I can say, I felt like I went back to EQ1,1999 while playing EQ2,2007 in graphics atm.</p>

02-13-2007, 06:38 PM
I know what you mean about the names.   I pity every Caliga out there with my abrasive personality and the title bug I'm sure to make a lot of them look bad.