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Raidi Sovin'faile
02-13-2007, 04:46 AM
This is the post from the time beeefooooorree. *ahem* Yes.. Anyways... here's the info again! I will someday update it fully, but for now here's the original. <hr /> Our guild, <i>Cirque of Six</i> on Mistmoore, have been doing these guild raids a while now, and I thought I'd put up a spoiler on successfully beating them. First, a quick run down on the names of the quests as you get them from the Registrar (good and evil) as well as compared to the Journal entry. <u><span style="font-size: medium">Guild Raid Name Chart</span><b> </b></u> <span style="font-family: Courier New"> <b>    Journal    Evil                            Good </b>                 1st  Bold       Avatars of Betrayal             Avatars of Jealousy 2nd  Daring     Daughters of Thule              Lone Heretic       3rd  Gallant    The One Who Opened Their Eyes   One Who Got Away   4th  Noble      Scales of Commerce              Scales of Justice  5th  Heroic     Beneath the Blood               Beneath the Roar   </span>Use this to clear up the muggy "who gets what quest" when everyone is sitting at the Registrar. <hr />And now for the tactics. Most of this is from memory, so some minor details might be off, but the major tactics are good. I used ACT to get Boss damage info. A quick note.. once you've personally done all 5 raids, you can get the quests again in any order. Until then, you can join the raid as long as someone has the quest to zone you in, but you won't earn the guild status. We've found that doing them in order each weekend gets everyone caught up pretty quick anyways. <span style="font-size: medium"><u>1st, Bold Confrontation (High Shaman Vascha)</u></span> <b>Quest: </b>Kill High Shaman Vascha <b>Location:</b> Shattered Vale (Antonica). Exits near Thundering Steppes/Stormhold. Good: run home, Evil: gate. <b>Map: </b> <b><img src="http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g228/raidisovinfaile/GuildRaid-ShatteredVale.jpg" border="0"> Tactics: </b>After killing all the trash, take down the gnolls in the druid ring. Then kill the large encounter of gnolls inside the ring. After that, the High Priest will summon an elemental to attack you (random, seen fire, water and air). Immediately after killing the elemental the High Priest becomes killable. He doesn't have any special tactics, but will spawn about 2-3 solo mobs every 20s or so. A good tactic is to have everyone focus on taking down the main boss as fast as possible, with the tanks sending out AoEs to bring down the adds. Best to clump together so no one is sitting with an add out of range of the tank's AEs. <b> Boss Specifics: </b>High Shaman Vascha is a healer, most likely defiler script. Mostly (75%) crushing melee, a couple disease spells (damage and debuff). Doesn't use wards, only direct heals. <b> Reward:</b> 1 Chest, only seen 1 armor out of it but possible potential for 2. <span style="font-size: medium"><u>2nd, Daring Confrontation (Mother Znedari)</u></span> <b>Quest: </b>Kill Mother Znedari <b>Location:</b> Eternal Gorge (Commonlands). Exits top of tower near Nek forest. Evil: run home, Good: gate. <b>Map: <img src="http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g228/raidisovinfaile/GuildRaid-EternalGorge.jpg" border="0"> </b><b>Tactics:</b> Get ready at the top at zone in (buffs, etc). Everyone go downstairs but stay inside tower, have the tank step outside and pull mobs in until the area around the tower is clear. Avoid using out-of-encounter AEs (blue background, etc) because they can hit mobs wandering around the tower and add. Once the tower area is clear, start pulling each mausoleum. There is a named in each with a couple guards. These named will memwipe and aggro a certain class frequently, calling out the name of the person they are going to attack. See map for the type of class each sister will aggro on memwiping. Healers include power healing, so enchanters should watch out on two mobs. Once all 4 sisters are killed, the "shield" around the Mother is gone and she can be attacked. It is best to approach from a nice open place where everyone can see each other (the tombstones can sometimes block casting for healers). She will also call adds during the fight, but there is a trick. Start off by focusing entirely on the Mother, and ignore her guards. Don't AE at all, as she seems to bug sometimes (or maybe it's scripted) to call adds faster when her guards are dead. She will memwipe and target ANYBODY in the raid, that includes anyone that revived up in the tower. DO NOT REVIVE, stay down and let a rezzer (pref paladin, necro or dirge) to rez you. Otherwise she can run off towards the tower, with the adds staying put, splitting the raid force. Better to stay dead the whole fight than risk wiping. Also, she can bug out if you wipe too often, and become non attackable. Thankfully this zone does not lock until you kill her (hopefully it stays that way). <b>Boss Specifics:</b> Mother Znedari is a caster, warlock script. Casts a disease and a poison spell, melee's with crushing damage. <b>Reward:</b> 1 Chest, seen 1-2 armor drops before. Also, this is the only zone that I've seen a rare harvest drop nearly once per raid. It drops off trash, in a wooden chest. <u><span style="font-size: medium">3rd, Gallant Confrontation (Prince Mianja and Piali the Profane)</span></u> <b>Quest:</b> Kill Prince Mianja and Piali the Profane <b>Location: </b>Firemyst Gully (Antonica). Exits close to Blackburrow. Good: run home, Evil: gate. <b>Map:</b> <img src="http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g228/raidisovinfaile/GuildRaid-FiremystGully.jpg" border="0"> <b>Tactics: </b>Follow the left wall towards the small encampment. Kill the guards around the left opening in the short wall. Pull the Prince and prepare for a nasty fight. Along with calling heroic guards, the Prince will also use a raidwide Stun that lasts a few seconds. It's scripted, so it can't be avoided or resisted (it seems). As usual, burn down the Prince as quickly as possible while MT holds adds. Let the adds burn down from AE, and any other tanks pull adds to the MT if they are on other people. If possible, turn the Stun game back on the mobs and stun them as much as possible (AE preferably) to give the healers a chance to catch up on heals due to the stunning. Once Prince is dead, head towards the treants. The main area is filled with heroic trees, only kill as needed as they respawn. Kill the three named treants around the perimeter of the zone. They aren't too tough, and come with two heroic guards. This will spawn Piali the Profane in his little evil house. Piali also has the Stun the Prince used, but on top of that he has a Knockback on a seperate timer. This is dragon sized flining knockback, and will fling you VERY far. So, the best approach is to have the whole raid rush him and fight inside his house. No one leave their back to the entrance, and fight point blank. Piali has a strong AoE that hurts quite bad, and a fairly long stun (5 seconds or more if I recall), so everyone be ready for being buffetted quite a bit. He also spawns little saplings, but the tanks and MT should be doing enough AoE's to keep aggro. Healers should be focusing as much on group heals as healing the MT. If you die in here, considering the amount of group healing required, it is easiest to give the rezzers a break and just revive and run back. There's no memwipe to worry about, and you can come back with full power (although with rez effects). <b>Boss Specifics:</b> Prince Mianja is a fighter, most likely a Bruiser script. Has all crushing attacks and melee. Other than the Stun he's easy. Piali the Profane is a treant (no class). Has crushing damage attacks. His AoE is crush damage as well, so having low mitigation will get hurt (mages beware!). <b>Reward:</b> 2 Chests, one for each boss. Have seen 1-2 armor drops from Piali's chest. <u><span style="font-size: medium">4th, Gallant Confrontation (Commander Gorzok and Surveyor Remolus)</span></u> <b>Quest:</b> Kill Commander Gorzok and Chief Surveyor Remolus <b>Location:</b> Bloodskull Valley (Commonlands). Exits close to ruins of Valmar and Orc loggers. Evil: run home, Good: gate. <b>Map:</b> <img src="http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g228/raidisovinfaile/GuildRaid-BloodSkullValley.jpg" border="0"> <b>Tactics:</b> This zone throws a curve-ball compared to the others. After killing the first couple trash at the first wall you come up to, there is a zonewide announcement that the Spotter calls for reinforcments. This will send a bunch of orc adds, and will not let up until you get into the tower and kill the Spotter. This isn't as easy as it sounds. Basically, you have to take the adds as you go, pull one Epic encounter at a time, all the while killing the adds and rarely being out of combat. Mana regen and conservation here is a MUST, as well as moving on quickly once the Epic encounter is dead (whether the adds are necessarily all gone or not). I stress Mana managment because not only are you going to be constantly in combat, but the Orc Mages also power drain. They make good charmed pets though. Kill the last Epic group in front of the tower entrance and then rush the top of the tower and engage the Spotter. He will break aggro if he leaves the tower, so he must be fought there. Do not AoE at the top as there are Archers there as well. They will hit you through walls, extremely far away as well, and can't be avoided short of killing them off. It can be done, but they have a ton of hitpoints compared to the regular Epic encounters. They also don't aggro properly (they don't move around and no swinging action) and will continue to do the arrow attack at random people while targetting the MT, so it can be hard to see if they've aggro'd and who they are attacking. Also, fights in the tower can be a little buggy as the mobs will sometimes be on a different floor and not visible, but can still attack/be attacked. Once the first Spotter is dead, the rest is easy. Head back towards the entrance, and go south along the zone wall (not the short wall) towards the second tower. If you approach while keeping to the edge of the zone, the Spotter won't see you and send adds until you are practically on top of him. Kill him quick and take down those archers as well if you want to stop them. The orc leaders that wander up and down the wall can be ignored as they don't drop anything or set off anything, they just yell orders constantly. Legionnaire Kruk isn't a real named, and actually quite an easy fight. Fights only a little harder than the previous regular melee Epics in the zone. Once done with the second Spotter, clear the way towards Commander Gorzok. He will be on the roof of the middle building, and can be pulled with range if you stand on a rock and jump to get line of sight. He's a pretty simple fight, however he has quite a nasty AoE. It is mental based, but even with resists it's quite damaging. Burn him down quick, let the MT and tanks handle adds if they come (watch for Epic runners), and focus on group heals until he's dead. With the commander dead, Chief Surveyor Remolus is next. DO NOT try and take him first, as he has some massive AE that vaporizes the raid if the Commander isn't killed first. Remolus comes with a couple guards, like everyone else, but is otherwise a pushover. He has no AE, and is in fact an easier fight than the Commander without his massive AE. Oh also, if evil and running home, don't forget that most of the trash hasn't been killed.. don't run into them on autorun like I did. <b>Boss Specifics:</b> Commander Gorzok is a fighter, most likely a Guardian script. He has mostly slashing combat abilities and melee. He also comes with a mental based AE "Rallying Cry" that does quite a bit of damage to the raid. Chief Surveyor Remolus is a bard, most likely a Troubadour script. He has crushing attacks and a mental based all (?) resistances debuff. His "Singing Strike" also heals him a little. <b>Reward:</b> 2 Chests, have seen 1-2 armor drops from either. Legionnaire Kruk, the named right before the entrance to the second tower, always drops a wooden chest that always contains a feysteel item (weapon or armor). <u><span style="font-size: medium">5th, Heroic Confrontation (Summoning Cthulu)</span></u> <b>Quest:</b> Kill Saltwater Saul, interfere with the summoning, kill the-thing-which-cannot-be-pronounced and Hairaza Sollen <b>Location:</b> Cove of Decay (Thundering Steppes). Exits near splitpaw entrance. Final raid, go wherever you want once done. <b>Map:</b> <img src="http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g228/raidisovinfaile/GuildRaid-CoveofDecay.jpg" border="0"> <b>Tactics:</b> The zone will be rampant with undead, however they can mostly be ignored by running along the wall. Work your way towards the shoreline, and kill Navigator Nina to make Saltwater Saul attackable. Nina now has a stun effect that lasts 2-3 seconds everytime she calls for adds. This has made her fight a little bit harder, but she doesn't do that much dps, so just handle her like the Prince from the firemyst gulley raid. Once done head over to Saltwater Saul. He has a bunch of rat friends, but they are mostly AE bait and most folks will be competing to get their AE in to be the one that kills them all. Saul is a pretty easy fight, however he has a "kicks sand in your face" that stuns, as well as another ability to stop magic briefly. They are on seperate timers, he seems to alternate between them. Once dead, Hairaza will get upset and send her spectral sailors over to slow you down. Kill them off (just a single Epic encounter), and then head to a safe spot near Hairaza and watch the event. A massive Amygdalen called Kor'allaztaraka the Feared will come from the water and rush the raid. He is actually not that hard (fairly cool theatrics though!). He's pretty much entirely single target damage and heals himself very infrequently. However, very quick after he dies, Hairaza Sollen will aggro and rush the raid. She has a nasty raidwide AE that comes with an annoucnement (stench rolls off the waves or something), that is a disease attack that she spams constantly, every 1-2 seconds. At lvl 64 con, she was hitting our lvl 60 con swashy (who had only 2k resist) for over 2k damage per hit. She has no adds, very little melee.. her only hard part is the disease. It is only encounter wide too, it only hits the group the MT is in (like in AoA). So move the weaker folks to group 2 and avoid the deaths. Mostly, the encounter is "hard" because it's two bosses back to back... individually they aren't exactly tough. Mana regen makes it fairly easily. <b>Boss Specifics:</b> Cthulu is a squidface (no class). He has all single target attacks, slashing melee being the largest portion of his damage. He has a poison attack, and a mental based siphon damage/heal. Hairaza Sollen is a... well she doesn't really do much. She has that one nasty dot, but otherwise just has regular weak and slow crushing melee. Basically, if you can cure or withstand her dot, and handle the fact that she gives you no downtime after the squidface.. she's a pushover. <b>Reward:</b> 2 Chests, only seen 1 armor drop per chest, although that doesn't preclude the posssiblity for better. Since nearly all trash can be avoided, not sure if rare harvests can drop. Might be worth trying. <span style="font-size: x-small"><i>Base maps courtesy of eq2maps and their respective creators. Mob locations/tables added by me. I used ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) to get the Boss Specific info. </i></span>

Raidi Sovin'faile
02-13-2007, 04:47 AM
Since these new forums don't allow as many characters as before, I'll have to fit some of the info into a second post... *grumble* <hr /> <u><span style="font-size: medium">Mentoring</span></u> A few tips on how mentoring can work to your advantage, and some of the quirks of mentoring. - The instance will scale to the highest level character in the zone at the time of creation. So if you intend to have one or more folks high level during the instance, keep them mentored for the zone in so the instance doesn't spawn at the higher level. - If you are unmentoring after zoning, recast any buffs that were scaled down. Even after unmentoring, the buff will stay at the lower level cast until you recast it. - Keeping the whole raid within xp levels (14 at cap) of each other will allow everyone to update the quests and give you guild xp upon quest completion. The more the merrier, so make sure no one is "not getting xp". - Chest drops come from non-grey mobs. Keep it in the green, and the higher you can manage it the better it seems. I've seen two drops per chest before when we didn't mentor down as far. - Don't worry about group setups for the raid until you've zoned in. It's more important that you have everyone mentored correctly, so keeping all the Freeport folks in one group and Qeynos in the other, that need to mentor, and then rearrange after zoning in. Let people unmentor before moving them to another group too, since that likes to bug them into not being able to unmentor. Just disband and reinvite if that happens. If you are doing this, make sure that someone in each group can zone you into the planned instance. So at least one person per group will need to have the quest. - Only the first set of people that zone in will determine the level of the zone. So you'll only need one side (qeynos or freeport) mentored and zone in first, then the rest can zone in once the instance has been made. This can save a lot of headaches if you have are having trouble getting everyone to a certain level or lower. <span style="font-size: medium"><u> Quests and Armor Molds</u></span> Getting the quests are simple. Talk to the registrar in Qeynos Harbour or East Freeport. The first time you get these quests, you must get them in order, starting with the first one, working your way up. After you complete all 5, you are given the choice of whichever one you want when you hail the Registrar. Entering the zone is done by clicking on the door right next to the Registrar. Make sure everyone in the zone with you has what they need done, as it will zone everyone. It appears that there is no group requirements (you can solo or single group it), however the fact that it scales and actually requires a decent raid force unless greyed out makes it so you should probably have enough people anyways. Like most raid zones... nearly everything is Epic, even trash. If you get an armor mold, you can get the armor by simply examining it and accepting the quest. It will give you the choice of rewards, there's a different set for good and evil classes. The "quest" is basically to talk to the Armorer that is right next to the Registrar.. and accept your reward! Most are pretty good, and on a level slightly better than mastercrafted. A few I've seen are better than most legendary out there, and a few are worse off than mastercrafted. There are two flavours of armor molds. For the level 60+, they are <b>Fine </b>and <b>Ornate</b>. Fine molds give you the option for a Head, Hands, or Feet armor piece. Ornate molds give you the option for Chest or Legs. Ornate is far more rare. There is currently a bug that if you had both a Fine and an Ornate piece on you, finishing the quest for one will eat both items. Watch out! <hr /><span style="font-size: medium"><u><b> </b>NEW SIXTH RAID INFO!!</u></span> Lordly Confrontation   This takes us back to the Shattering Vale (exactly like the first one). Your goal is to take down the 4 conspirators in the zone... 3 ambassadors to aspects of nature (druids, nymphs and pixies) followed by killing the main guy, another giant tree.   There are wanderers all around, just like in the first guild raid. The three ambassadors are surrounding the druid ring. One to the left in tents, one to the right in a little bend, and one in the back behind the druid ring. There are Heroic mobs interspersed with epics throughout the entire area. You'll also notice a rign of treants surrounding the Druid Ring as well, they are non-aggro though.   The first guy (druid) to the left in the tents will drop a chest. He has a minor stun, but that's about it. The second ambassador (nymph) is to the left and doesn't drop anything. She has a brief charm.. well it can be cured now so it was always brief for us. Might be harder if you aren't quite on the cures. The last ambassador is in the back (pixies), don't remember anything uniquely tough about it.   We always kill all the treants surrounding the last boss just in case they become active when fighting him. This is probably good practice... we ended up with an Acrylia cluster from a chest anyways.     The last boss is what makes this one hard. This raid will kind of teach you what it's like to raid Vilucidae.   Basically, this guy will spawn a ton of adds all while AE'ing and debuffing the entire raid. There are some devices however sitting on the druid ring ruins that you can click to "release poison into the ground" (ah, now it's like the flower fight). Basically, have one person run back and forth, or two people one at each, constantly clicking these devices (there's a message that flashes across the screen when they are ready) and you won't get the adds.   Another problem is that the mob has a nasty AE. This can be avoided at range, so only the MT needs to take damage if you pull right. The final problem, and what still makes this hard, is that the guy will periodically Dispel the entire raid. When we mentored lower, it didn't debuff as hard, and some were able to resist outright, but at a higher level (no mentoring) this gets very tough. Basically.. your MT will lose HP buffs, defensive buffs, healing buffs, and hate buffs. Your raid will lose power regen, and any other buffs they give themselvse and the group to dps more. So you have to hold back a bit so the tank can keep aggro, but at the same time your power regen is constantly gone.   We failed the first time due to the fact that we had only 2 healers, and one was low level, and a couple people had to take off so they were only there for buffs (which got Dispelled anyways).   The second time around we had a full raid, with something like 5 or 6 healers and two regen constantly rebuffing, and the mob was mentored down to around 65. So we managed to beat it very quickly and easily. I'm positive a well prepared full raid of 70s would be able to handle it unmentored.   We ended up getting 3 pieces of gear out of that one chest.. and I think two out of the other guy. Pretty nice haul, about as much as I've seen in relic gear drops out of one lab raid and this only took an hour. Gear was very nice too, Someone got the Mage Vest that procs a detaunt.

02-13-2007, 07:50 AM
<p>Bah.  This sucks.  the old thread had sooo much extra information and corrections and i cant believe it has gone. <img src="/smilies/9d71f0541cff0a302a0309c5079e8dee.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></p><p> Anyway, a few corrections to the above posts.</p><p> Quests 1 -6 are now just called:</p><p>Quest 1 - A Bold Confrontation. Quest 2 - A Daring Confrontation. Quest 3 - A Gallant Confrontation. Quest 4 - A Noble Confrontation. Quest 5 - A Heroic Confrontation. Quest 6 - A Lordly Confrontation. Whether you are good or evil, the quests have the same name.   If you have people from each city trying to zone in, at least ONE on each side MUST have the quest active in their book to be able to zone in.  So if your raid is mostly qeynos and you have a couple of Freeporters wanting in, at least one freeporter must have the correct quest.    Also, anyone wanting to join the raid late MUST have the quest in their journal or they will not be able to join in. <b>Armour Molds</b>: This information was confirmed by Morticus (SOE Dev) on the old forums.</p><p>Each armour mold can be examined and handed for a reward.  Any class can get a tiny amount of XP, but only the classes below will get a piece of armour.</p><p>Plate - Warrior, Crusader & Cleric only Chain - Scouts & Shaman Leather - Brawler & Druid Silk - Mages only. When you hand in the mold you get to choose from lvl 50 (T6) items or lvl 60 (T7) items.  As mentioned there are 2 types: Fine - Head, Hands or Feet Ornate - Chest or Legs. Ornate molds are very rare.  You will be lucky to see one from doing all 6 raids.  You will get between 1 and 3 molds per chest.  2 seems most common.</p><p><b>A Bold Confrontation </b>updates As said the elemental can be one of a number of types.  In addition to the ones above I have seen earth.  The Air elemental has an Cold AE (Suffocating Winds) that goes off roughly every 60 seconds and hits for about 1k (at lvl 60) a time. The Earth Elemental has an Magic AE (Shockwave) that goes off roughly every 60 seconds and hits for about 2k (at lvl 60) a time While the Shaman isn't that tough, the fact he agros as soon as the elemental is dead and the constant stream of adds thru the fight do make things tough. Both the elemental and the Shaman can drop Mold chests. Bug - When we did this raid last week,  we wiped with the Shaman at 15% or so.  However the encounter did not reset properly.  The adds kept coming and attacking the raid at the revive point.  We had to rebuff, rest up and take the constant adds down at the same time before we could pull the shaman again. <b>A Daring Confrontation</b> updates Pretty much as Raidi said. Make sure your MT is ready for the sisters Memwipes.  Other than that the only issue is the Mothers adds. Only the Mother drops Molds.</p><p>A <b>Gallant Confrontation</b> updates Again, pretty much as Raidi said. Make sure you fight Piali in his hut so the knockback doesnt send you flying.  By now you should be used to dealing with all the adds throughout the fight.</p><p>Bug - Make sure no one evacs during the fight.  (i know this shouldn't be an issue but just in case)  One raid we did someone accidentally evaced dumping himself and one other outside in Antonica and of course they could not get back in due to lockouts.</p><p><b>A Noble Confrontation</b> updates Again, pretty much as Raidi said.</p><p>Bug - Last time we did this, neither spotter sent adds after us making the 1st part fo the raid fairly easy. <b>A Heroic Confrontation</b> updates The 1st named (Navigator Nina) came with 1 add.  Brineblender.  She didn't start calling for adds until after brineblender was dead. Once you kill the 2nd named make sure the raid stays together as you move back towards the West side of the beach.  That way you make sure the spectral sailors don't start picking on the stranglers.</p><p>It takes about 5 minutes for the script to run and Kor'alla to appear.  So relax and don't worry.  You cant miss him as he is HUGE.  He walks out of the water and up to the camp fire and then agroes your raid.  He isn't difficult however he does charm.  He has an attack (Siphoning Suckers) that will either drain HP or power from his target and heal himself by the same amount.</p><p>Straight after he dies Hairaza agros and she is NASTY.  Her AE is now raidwide and has a longer range than max-cast range.   It is disease based and goes off every 6 - 10 seconds.  It hits for an average of about 2-2.5k damage at lvl 60.</p><p>Only Kor'alla and Hairaza drop Molds.  As usual 1-3 each.</p><p>I havn't actually done raid 6 myself as every time it is scheduled i seem to miss it.  Hopefully Didi will be along later to add some more details to the thread.</p><p>  </p>

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<cite>Morticus wrote:</cite><blockquote>Sticky please. <img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></blockquote>ABILITY to sticky, please!  <img src="/smilies/8a80c6485cd926be453217d59a84a888.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /> Heh.   I think that's still on Grimwell's to-fix list ... once I can sticky things again there will be a number of threads in various forums getting some attention, fear not!

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Quick question ... say we want to run the first raid from Qeynos but would like to take some of our evil fp members along.  How does that work?  If I understand correctly you get auto zoned when you click on the door so does that mean evil toons can just surface from the down below area and get zoned in?  Do they actually have to be near the rest of the group?  Or is there a way to get the raid "quest" and then actually meet at the zone where the raid takes place (i.e. meet at shattered vale for the first one and zone in from there)?

02-20-2007, 04:12 PM
<cite>Truls wrote:</cite><blockquote>Quick question ... say we want to run the first raid from Qeynos but would like to take some of our evil fp members along.  How does that work? </blockquote> Players from opposing cities on servers with the PvE rule set will need to be grouped, in the same raid and select the same instance when they attempt to zone in.  When they zone in, they will be zoned into the same instance as the players from the opposing city.

02-20-2007, 09:01 PM
<cite>Morticus wrote:</cite><blockquote><cite>Truls wrote:</cite><blockquote>Quick question ... say we want to run the first raid from Qeynos but would like to take some of our evil fp members along.  How does that work? </blockquote> Players from opposing cities on servers with the PvE rule set will need to be grouped, in the same raid and select the same instance when they attempt to zone in.  When they zone in, they will be zoned into the same instance as the players from the opposing city. </blockquote> The problem is that the raiders in either city need to have the same quests to get the same zone options (at least one raider per city). It would help a lot if the group who is zoning in last, would be able to get into the instance the first group zoned in, regardless whether anyone in the second group has the proper quest.

03-09-2007, 11:04 PM
That's a great guide.  Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

04-08-2007, 06:36 PM
<p>Great guide, packed with great information.</p><p>Our newly raiding guild has done the first raid instance twice now, and the only real complaint I have about it is the very poor loot that it provides.</p><p>On both occasions we have done the "Bold" guild raid, we had 2 chests both times we hit the zone, and they all contained rare raws for tradeskills, and an Adept 1 also the first time round.</p><p>My only concern about this is lack of Risk vs Reward scenario, and having loot like this from raiding can only serve to put people off from regular raiding, when they see only a tradeskill rare (Leather pelt) drop from the main boss.</p><p>Problem is people can go to zones like Runnyeye, and get masters dropping like apples from the tree, they visit a raid instance and get pretty much sweet FA.</p><p>But at the end of the day we know its all about fun and getting together as a guild once a week. Loot isnt everything however lots of effort for little reward does not really go down too well ... <img src="/smilies/136dd33cba83140c7ce38db096d05aed.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" /></p>

07-29-2007, 04:59 AM
<p>Say you gather a force and raid part 1 bold confrontation. You are successful and it only takes say 1 hr. After exiting, can you then go back in and raid step 2 immediately afterwards since its actually a different instance? I know the part 1 bold confrontation would be locked out, but would really like to do say steps 1-3 one weekened, and then 4-6 on another weekend?</p>

07-29-2007, 11:40 AM
<p>Re: A Bold Confrontation</p><p>The quest is whatever level you are when you get it from the Registrar ie, I have it at level 20 as a level 20 quest and a guildie is level 60 and has it as a level 60 quest. If everyone mentors to me will they get credit for completing it as a level 20 quest, or will they have to do it again as level 60 to get credit for it?</p><p>What about guildies who don't have the quest yet? If they mentor to me, can they then greet the registrar and get it as level 20? Or can I share it with them and if so will they get it as level 20 or as their own 'proper' level?</p>

Condar Tarsonia
07-29-2007, 03:40 PM
My apologies in advance if the information I provide is incorrect, as I haven't done any of these raids in a few months now.  To answer the most recent questions, however: Pumpula - Yes, you can do all of the different raids in a single day if you wish.  Your assumption that they are different instances, and thus on separate lockout timers, is correct. Allora - I'm not too sure I understand what you're asking, but I think you are concerned that your friends/guildmates will not get credit because the 'level' of their quest is not the same as their mentored level.  This makes no difference, ever, in any quests, so long as you complete the required steps.  So level 60 players mentored down to level 20 will still get credit for the quest.  Also, I'm not sure about the mentor-then-get-quest possibility you mentioned - as far as I know, they will still get it at their un-mentored level, but I'm not positive on that. Good luck all!

09-26-2007, 08:59 PM
OK, talk to me like I'm 3, b/c I still don't understand how to get good and evil guildies into the same raid. If 1/2 of us are evil and in FP, and 1/2 of us are good and in Qeynos, and we're all grouped, can we 'join up' in the zone by clicking on our respective portals in our respective cities? Thanks ahead of time for the enlightenment.

10-01-2007, 11:08 AM
<p>Was kinda dissapointed to learn that there were actually 6 quests after the guild raid broke up.  Managed to do all of the quests thus far and they are pretty much straight forward.  The hardestest ones have to be the second one and third one imho with the 4th one being pretty easy.  For the 5th one I would say it is moderately easy since you get attacked right after you kill the Saltwater named.  </p><p>I did encounter a problem on the 2nd one where the Mother Zeranda *sp* will bug up changing targets every 1-3 seconds.  Luckily we still managed to defeat her even though she bugged up. <img src="http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/images/smilies/ed515dbff23a0ee3241dcc0a601c9ed6.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" width="15" height="15" /></p>

10-25-2007, 08:52 AM
<cite>BlackJohnGaunt wrote:</cite><blockquote>OK, talk to me like I'm 3, b/c I still don't understand how to get good and evil guildies into the same raid. If 1/2 of us are evil and in FP, and 1/2 of us are good and in Qeynos, and we're all grouped, can we 'join up' in the zone by clicking on our respective portals in our respective cities? Thanks ahead of time for the enlightenment.</blockquote>Yes.

12-03-2007, 08:10 AM
We did the first three of these with a raid that was over 70. We had fun and got about 15% of a guild level. However the raids appeared not to scale beyond 70 and we got no chests. We did get AA for the named, even for those who had done the raids before (when there was no AA).

12-21-2007, 09:23 AM
REaly fast question, how much status can be gathered this way, are these raids ment as status farming or are they just raid training?

12-21-2007, 01:08 PM
<cite>madhatr wrote:</cite><blockquote>REaly fast question, how much status can be gathered this way, are these raids ment as status farming or are they just raid training?</blockquote>Ill say this and you deside. I think we would have gotten more guild xp if all 12 of us were doing writs. But it was fun.

12-28-2007, 07:58 AM
They are good for raid training, status farming, and achievement xp, but most importantly they are fun.

02-01-2008, 06:14 PM
<p>You can do these raids with more than 2 groups (as long as it's 12 toons or less).  We often run into the issue of having more Good (Qeynos) characters going, than Evil (Freeport) characters.</p><p>Here is how:</p><p>Have everyone meet in Sinking Sands.Organize the raid as follows (notice the 8 good characters split into 2 groups)</p><p>Group 1(evil[4]): John (22), Jason(33), Joe(41), Jen(54)</p><p>Group 2(good[6]): Sally (21), Sam(25), Sandra(2<img src="/smilies/b2eb59423fbf5fa39342041237025880.gif" border="0" alt="SMILEY" />, Stan(56), Shane(43), Steve(54)</p><p>Group 3(good[2]): Tom (65), Tonya(55) </p><p>I have everyone mentor as low as possible, even though the first group to zone in determines mob level.  The highest level in the first group to zone, is the mob level.</p><p><b>NOTE: We continually had a problem of zoning in Group 2 to find the mobs level 65ish.  I figured out that you should leave Group 3 (see above) in Sinking Sands until Group 2 has zoned into the instance.  If both Qeynos groups were near the zone entrance, the first group(Grp 2) to zone in would pull the second group(Grp 3) in with them, thus making level 65 the highest of the first to zone in, making the mobs 65ish.</b></p><p>It took me a while and a few headaches to figure out why this kept happening.  I hope this helps!</p>

04-10-2008, 09:49 AM
<p>A quick note on the Bloodskull Valley run. You can kill the trash mobs where you first enter the zone, then hug the laft wall all the way to the lake at the badk of the zone. Then pet pull the two bosses and you are done. It took us a few times of getting killed by the spotters and their friends before we figured this out. </p><p> Before we figured it out this was the hardest run by far for us, normally it would take us 45 minutes to go through the zone, last night we did it in under 10 minutes.</p><p>Happy Hunting</p>

06-09-2008, 05:45 PM
why no shoulders or bracers?

08-22-2008, 12:37 AM
<cite>[email protected] wrote:</cite><blockquote> <u><span style="font-size: medium;">Mentoring</span></u> A few tips on how mentoring can work to your advantage, and some of the quirks of mentoring. - The instance will scale to the highest level character in the zone at the time of creation. So if you intend to have one or more folks high level during the instance, keep them mentored for the zone in so the instance doesn't spawn at the higher level. - Keeping the whole raid within xp levels (14 at cap) of each other will allow everyone to update the quests and give you guild xp upon quest completion. The more the merrier, so make sure no one is "not getting xp". </blockquote>Okay. We have been running these raids recently with a few friends and have had no problem getting status until this evening. The first group we had was mentored to level 33 and the second group to level 25. We ended up doing 5 out of the 6 raids because we did not realize until raid 4 that none of the higher level mentored characters were not getting any guild status whatsoever. On the 5th raid we did check with our level 33 player and level 25 player and found they were both getting guild status. The remaining members of the raid who were all mentored for the entire raid received no guild status whatsoever. Is this a bug or has something changed within the rules of guild raiding?Much thanks for any response!

02-04-2010, 10:07 AM
<p>These now seem to give city tokens likely other writs.</p><p>Are they going be updated with the new expansion?</p>

02-04-2010, 02:55 PM
<p>This thread is two years old...</p><p>Let's let it drop back down into history so as not to confuse people, please.</p>