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06-02-2006, 04:33 PM
<DIV>I've been uninterested in anything EQ2 for a few months, and now I'm slowly getting back into playing. In a discussion with someone else on my server, it's been realized that any recent book-drops result in a no-count book...my older ones, from a year ago, don't. Drops like 1st Ltn Gerzog or whatever, Adventures of Jerby and Moppo or something, Blood of the Bear, etc. This guys don't have an item-count, mine do. So what am I to do? Am I screwed? Is there a special merchant I hafta go to to purchase new versions of these dropped books as no-count room placeable items? Or am I just stuck to wait until someday the versions I have are changed......</DIV> <DIV>Oh, and how do I tell the difference between the two....does the no-count book SAY so in the description? I've got every book from the Freeport sage, back when you could still go invis and talk to people on the other side, but since you can't go back now anymore, I guess I'm stuck with those all being countable items...</DIV>

06-02-2006, 07:54 PM
I'm just back too and someone told me you can buy a "second edition" of a lot of the older books that you already own for 1c from the Sage in the SQ mage's tower. I haven't gone to confirm it yet though. Of course, the decorating packrat in me now wonders, does that mean I can get MULTIPLES of each book?!? Or just have 2 copies now :p.Daani60 Carpenter, Guk

06-02-2006, 09:11 PM
Yes, you can buy some replacement books from the Sage's in Qeynos/Freeport that don't count towards the room totals.  However, it has been awhile since they've converted any more.  It helps some, but I'm looking forward to being able to replace all my old books.  I have 178 books now, 94 of them still count towards my total.Aside:  I also have not yet been able to purchase the new versions of two of the Qeynos catalog quest books as I did them prior to books being a reward for them.  I see them on the Sage, but they are grayed out to me.  Guess it's time to try the petition route again, though I hate having to argue with the responder about being able to purchase quest reward books.<div></div>