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02-17-2006, 11:15 AM
<div><font size="4">Evening I did try to find a post about this issue but I couldn't find it. I'm moving from a 2 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom home. How do I move all my stuff. My other half seemed to think if we picked up all the stuff it would just go into our over flow spot in inventory. Is this correct?</font></div><div><font size="4"></font> </div><div><font size="4">As far as I can tell you can't get a 5 room house unless you belong to a Level Guild 30? Is there anyway around this please?</font></div><div><font size="4"></font> </div><div><font size="4">thanks</font></div><div><font size="4"></font> </div><div><font size="4">Winter</font></div>

02-17-2006, 11:49 AM
<div></div>The only way around that, assuming you're not currently in a level 30 guild, is to get a temporary invite into a level 30 guild for this reason.  But, if you're removing from a current guild to do so you'll lose your status ranking in the guild tool while keeping your actual status.  This won't effect your guilds' expie.

02-17-2006, 04:24 PM
You have to block off 3 hours or so to move unless you have a moving crew.It took me forever to shove stuff to shared bank, log on alt, take out boxes for alt to store the stuff in, shove as much as I could on my person, make alts trustees, place items, pick up items alts placed then put them down again so I could later pick them all up myself with the collect items tool, etc...

02-17-2006, 08:17 PM
<div></div><p>Thanks much for the help everyone, most appreciated :smileyvery-happy:</p><p> </p><p>Winter</p>

02-25-2006, 01:04 PM
i would like to make a suggestion to the devs. make it possible to have two residences for just one day . this will give you time to move your things. it really does take forever to move and i need a bigger place.<div></div>

03-01-2006, 08:15 PM
<div>yes being able to own 2 homes for a day or even for week (1 pay period) would be great, i'm currently in a 3 bedroom, and with our guild getting closer to lvl 30, im just waiting to get a 5 bedroom, but with my current house near max capacity of 300 items, i am not looking forward to trying to move it all, being able to own 2 house's for a short time would make it so much easier to deal with moving.</div>

03-01-2006, 09:10 PM
Hmm.  How's about a similar idea - you hire a huge box, which you can only have for a limited time, say, a day or so.  There are several different sizes available, corresponding to the number of items you can have in each size of house.  You place this box in a free slot in your bank, then shift all your items into there, get rid of your old house, buy the new one, then shift all your items into your new house.

03-01-2006, 10:39 PM
<div></div><p>Moving in EQ 2 is nearly as much of a hassle as moving in RL.</p><p>I too just went from a 2 room to a 3 and it took me 2 days. Logging in alts to take stuff, deleting crap i thought I might need but have abandoned. So yea its a hassle. Best ot have friends help ya and no unfortunitly items do not appear in your overflow slot.</p>

03-02-2006, 11:51 AM
<div></div><p>Hey Guys,</p><p>Well, I ended up being able to move myself out, without having to rely on alts..basically I did the put 16 slot boxes (That's all my carpenter can make right now) in the shared slots with 20 slot bags and overflow went into my bank account. One thing that may help a little, when I moved out my 2 Bedroom house I forgot to empty my house vault. When I realized that I  of course went into screaming ad dabs as that is where I keep my halloween masks and fun stuff...I happened to check my vault in my new house and lo and behold there were my vault items. You already may have known this but I didn't, it looks like your house vault travels with you so if you put some 28 slot boxes into your house vault that may help out a little with moving room</p><p>Winter </p>

03-03-2006, 01:14 AM
<div></div>OMG! What an idea! It never occured to me that now with the patch allowing alts to access their own bank vaults we can use alt to pick up items and store in bank vsult...since only one per account can sell...then when you get the new house the same alt can access own vault from new house and drop items!! CLEVER! (Yah ok, my blondeness is showing but I am still excited! Now I can move quick!!)

03-03-2006, 02:41 AM
<div></div><p>I am in the process of moving from a 3 room to a 5 room house right now.  I can't get the new house since the guild is not level 30 yet (7% to go so it won't be long) but I am preparing a little in advance.</p><p>My moving strategy is to create an alt and get them a 5s apartment and make my main a trustee.  Then I fill that place with stuff and rinse / repeat as needed.  When I finally move into the new place, I will just go around an collect stuff from these 5s 3D bank vaults.  I do this with my main to prevent problems with picking up items from the select a single item menu when they were placed by an alt.</p>

03-03-2006, 02:55 AM
<div></div>But you see....you don't have to do that. Have alts made trustee on Main's house. When they access the vault from the main's house they are actually accessing the vault from their place. Put the furniture and non-reward type items in there....have the main carry the rest that must be hand carried. Then, when you move, grant the alt access and have them pull out the stuff and place in new house!

03-03-2006, 10:06 AM
<div><div>I know for me I don't have enough bag space to store all my items to make a move.</div><div>Was wondering  what you all would think of the idea of paying  coin to get the items moved for you.</div><div> </div><div>The 2 ideas I was thinking of is one you go to buy your new home. Then you get a pop up window stating you alrdy have a home do you wish to have all items in your old home moved to here for 5gold or leave them be? Now if you picked moved them and paid the coin when you walk into your home all your items will be there in a few boxs. Get the items out place them were you like.</div><div> </div><div>Other idea was add a new npc that you can talk to. A mover npc when you talk to him you pay him coin he will empty your home of all items. After that you cancle your home and go buy the new home you want. Once you get the new home go back to the mover npc hail him to inform him you now have a new home. After that go back to your home and you will find all your stuff randomly placed all over the house.</div><div> </div><div>I just know for me it would take for ever to find enough room for all my stuff and I would have to trade alot of it to alts to make room for it all.  Think there should be away to move with a cost to make moving simple.</div><div> </div><div>What you all think??</div></div>

03-03-2006, 11:38 AM
<div>Heyas,</div><div> </div><div>I like the first idea that you pay a fee and have your items transferred to the new house, to make it fair I think it should be a fee per item charge.</div><div> </div><div>Maybe someone should start a moving business ; )</div><div> </div><div>Winter</div>

03-03-2006, 07:11 PM
<div></div><blockquote><hr>juliev wrote:<div></div>But you see....you don't have to do that. Have alts made trustee on Main's house. When they access the vault from the main's house they are actually accessing the vault from their place. Put the furniture and non-reward type items in there....have the main carry the rest that must be hand carried. Then, when you move, grant the alt access and have them pull out the stuff and place in new house!<hr></blockquote>Right, you don't have to do that but if you want the collect one item menu to work for the owner they need to place the items themselves.  If you have an alt place an item in your house, even a tradeable one, you cannot collect it from the collect an item or collect contents functions without finding the item in your house, picking it up into your inventory, and then placing it again.  This can be a real pain when you have 168 books in your house.

03-03-2006, 11:51 PM
<div>Good point...I am still storing many of the house items from my alts in the bank....so I haven't had that kind of fun yet. Once the house move is complete I am sure it will become a hassle, but I figure they aren't going to make anything much bigger than a 5 bedroom so I shouldn't have to move much more.</div>