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01-31-2006, 07:36 AM
<div>Nothing too fancy, not even a shot of the entire kitchen setup, but a couple of mini-innovations ...</div><div> </div><div>A blue glow sparkles and dances around the kettle and a faint hum can be heard ... I wonder just what she's brewing in there?</div><div> </div><div><img src="http://www.eq2.eqtraders.com/images/articles/glowing_elddar.jpg"></div><div>(Elddar cooking stove - guild level 30 status item, placed over a breath of vox, which is a Qeynos priest amiable faction item. Also sitting on the rim of the stove is an ice crystal egg, which is a Qeynos Concordium amiable faction item)</div><div> </div><div>Tired of having a flame-less rujarkian firepit? Worried about a fire hazard in your home?  Try raising it off the ground a bit on cement, and also have some water handy at the same time in case of sparks.</div><div> </div><div><img src="http://www.eq2.eqtraders.com/images/articles/firepit.jpg"></div><div> </div><div>(First place a player-made ebon spellbinder's sconce low to the ground, then place a pool of contemplation (guild status item from city merchants) up against it. Juggle as needed. Finally place the player-made rujarkian firepit on top of the pool and let the shifting glow of the sconce give you a feeling of flames. You could also do similar with the boar's head from Splitpaw instead of the sconce)</div>

01-31-2006, 08:30 AM
<div></div>I have GOT to get an invite to tour your place Niami.. its lovely!