View Full Version : Baleful Efflux and Dire Effluence are bugged

04-21-2005, 09:50 AM
These 2 spells are a 12 hour buff or permanent.  But yet they drop 2 to 3 times in a fight.  I have determined that once it procs a ward or how ever it's suppose to work (The effects are.. Increase Max Health of Group members and Wards gropu members for so much damage the Baleful is currently 172 for me.)  Once this ward is used the buff drops.  I can get it to drop at any time by using a manastone or a group member using a manastone.  Hence casting it and recasting in a fight, since the tank either procs the ward and uses it, or it's already there and it uses it. What good is this buff, if it drops after the ward is used.  It's a waste of a concentration slot (1).  If this is suppose to be this way, then please take away the concentration slot.  But I would rather see the Ward taken away and replaced by another useable buff.  The line of buffs for this spell, my first buff had Increased Mitigation of group members vs divine, disease and poison damage.  This spell was Spiritual Seal, It never dropped unless I died or clicked it off.   Dire Effluence has Ward in it for 154 damage. Please correct these spells, it's getting very annoying to recast and recast.  I just don't ever cast it anymore, but would love to have the increased health. Kaida Fortis lvl 45 Defiler Test <div></div>

06-02-2005, 02:50 AM
This is still a bug.  The ward in the spell still drops the buff with in minutes of being casted.  I don't ever bother with the spell any longer, due to the spell not being of any use. Kaida lvl 50 Defiler <div></div>